148 Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers 2023

148 Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers 2023

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Can’t think of what to post to your lifestyle blog? You’re overthinking! Stop it right now! …. To help get you started we’ve come up with 148 blog post ideas just for you.

That’s 3 posts a week for a whole year to keep your audience coming back for more and curing your writer’s block once and for all. 

So, if you’re a beginner blogger or a seasoned pro, this list is for you! Designed to help alleviate some of that writers block, these lifestyle blog post ideas will keep you motivated and on task.

What is a lifestyle blog?

There’s a tonne of topics that lifestyle bloggers talk about. But what a lifestyle blog is not, is a personal blog. (Side note: A personal blog tends to be more like a diary, or a collection of a persons thoughts and personal meanderings).

A lifestyle blogger writes about things like fashion and beauty, food and nutrition, fitness & health, movies, tech and home decor and DIY. But it can pretty much cover anything that makes up a person’s passions or hobbies. 

Sure, they write from their perspective, but it’s important to remember though that a lifestyle blogger writes for their readers, not themselves.

They’re always actively trying to solve their reader problems and answer their readers potential questions. So, their blog is highly marketable and interesting to many.

Many lifestyle bloggers focus on 2 or more topics and often successfully intersect these to make a niche. Think “Moms who Budget” or “Travel & Photography”…. Or the super trifecta “Budget Travelling with Kids!”. Combining two more more topics into your lifestyle blog can help you gain a more targeted following, and help to drive more traffic to your blog.

Lifestyle blog categories

  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Home Decor & DIY
  • Food & Nutrition
  • Hobbies (such as Photography, Cooking, Sewing or Crafting)
  • Motherhood/ Parenting
  • Family/ Kids
  • Education/ Home schooling/ Unschooling
  • Finance & Budgeting 
  • Work From Home
  • Small Business/ Side Hustle
  • Self Care & Wellness
  • Travel
  • Health & Fitness / Yoga 

Lifestyle blog examples I love

Say Yes 

The fabulous Liz from San Francisco writes about all things life, tips on travel, home and style.

Say yes

A Beautiful Mess  

Sisters Elsie and Emma blog about recipes, step by step home decor projects and crafting.

A Beautiful Mess

Barefoot Blonde 

Based in Arizona with her family, Amber blogs about travel, fashion and beauty.  

Barefoot blonde

Tips for starting a Lifestyle Blog 

  1. Pick a specific niche (or two that go well together)
  2. Write for your readers/ solve a problem they are having
  3. Use seasonality to your advantage to create a packed content calendar

1. Pick a specific niche

Think about what you love, what you’re great at, what you enjoy. What do you naturally gravitate towards? If you’re clever you can combine 2 or 3 niches into one lifestyle blog and never be short of ideas!

2. Write for your readers/ solve their problems or answer their questions 

Make sure you’re writing with purpose. Think about what your readers would want to know about that thing or process. How can you solve their problems?

What would they be searching for? Instead of “My favourite Summer Recipes”… try… “My favourite super quick Summer recipes under $10”… solving the issue of time and money! 

3. Use seasonality to your advantage

Make a list! So many occasions and holidays and seasons to choose from.

Think about natural cycles of things… When a certain type of fresh produce is in season and plentiful?…

What holidays are special to you?

What are occasions or traditions in your house?

All of these can be bookmarked and used as the basis of a blog or even a series. 

Trending lifestyle topics will follow a cycle, watch this closely!

148 Blog Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers 2022

  1. How I create a routine for success/ exercise/ meal prep
  2. A day in the life of a lifestyle blogger
  3. How to get $hit done, even when you don’t feel like it 
  4. OOTD – Outfit of the day
  5. How to make your own takeaways! And save a tonne of cash
  6. 5 Things I can’t live without 
  7. My favourite bloggers
  8. My morning routine
  9. 12 Kick A$$ quotes for female creators
  10. Self care for work from home moms
  11. My fitness routine to stay toned/ supple/ healthy
  12. My favourite phone apps that keep me organized/ fit / in touch
  13. How I relax after a long day 
  14. The A-Z of running your own business/ staying motivated during the school break 
  15. 10 Simple steps to declutter your closet 
  1. 6 Simple sides dishes to impress your guests 
  2. 10 Holiday mocktails to make 
  3. Gift ideas for mom/ dad/ your pet under $10/ $100
  4. How I uncovered my life’s purpose
  5. My work from home routine 
  6. Staying calm under pressure
  7. How I started a simple edible garden for less than $50/ $100
  8. How to ditch the 9-5 and start your own blogging biz
  9. Share your journey to becoming a blogger
  10. 7 Healthy breakfast ideas for on the go moms
  11. My 5 minute summer makeup regime
  12. 5 Big blogging mistakes to avoid as a newbie 
  13. Your favourite podcasts for female bloggers
  14. How to organize your life/ kitchen cupboards/ wardrobe/ shoe closet 
  15. 10 Blogging myths
  1. Travel hacks for long haul tripping 
  2. 8 Healthy, easy prep lunches to take to the office/ school/ Uni
  3. 6 Tips to take care of your mental health
  4. 12 Diet hacks/ fashion trends I want to bring back from the 1960’s/ 70’s/ 80’s
  5. How to work from home with kids/ toddlers/ teens
  6. 6 Teas that will calm your mind and soothe your soul 
  7. 5 Netflix docs that will change your life, or at least change your mind 
  8. Bucket list of travel goals/ places to visit/ experiences to have 
  9. Workout at home routines 
  10. Tips to tackle your social media 
  11. How to delegate the chores 
  12. How to streamline your day and get more done
  13. Blogging trends 2021
  14. Meal plans for the week 
  15. How to live your life with intention/ purpose/ passion
  1. 5 Free home workouts from YouTube
  2. A recipe for success/ productivity/ setting intentions 
  3. Morning checklist for starting your day right
  4. Life hacks for keeping your cool in pressure situations 
  5. Comparison of apps or tools for blogging 
  6. 7 Writing prompts to break your writer’s block
  7. 6 Ways to relax after a long/ frustrating/ busy day
  8. 21 Journal prompts for self reflection / self improvement/ self love 
  9. How x TV show/series is a mirror on my life
  10. 6 Indoor plants you can’t kill 
  11. How I make money blogging 
  12. Tips for starting a home based business
  13. My top 3 free weekend activities to do with my partner/ the kids/ the family/ alone
  14. Secret habits of successful moms/ runners / sewers / etsy shop owners 
  15. The top 3 things no one tells you about blogging / running your own business / working from home
  1. Lessons in life, what I learned this year 
  2. 10 Things I’m happy for right now 
  3. The best piece of advice I ever received 
  4. Tops 10 eco-friendly gift ideas for guys 
  5. 16 Herbs you can easily grow on a ledge or a windowsill 
  6. My Summer bucket list
  7. 25 Hard working mom instagrammers you need to follow 
  8. Mega collection/list of summer holiday drinks/ healthy snacks for kids / 15 minute midweek meals
  9. How to set up your home office 
  10. What do successful bloggers all have in common
  11. How to stay healthy when working from home 
  12. A holiday calendar of 365 special days 
  13. Shows you’re currently binge watching 
  14. 10 Great blog posts that inspired you this year 
  15. What I spent money on in June/ July/ August 
  1. All the tools I use to run my biz plus costs 
  2. Date night dinner for two 
  3. Best shows for makers and creators 
  4. What’s in my makeup bag
  5. 15 Ways to change up your morning coffee habit 
  6. 5 Ways to organize your meals 
  7. How to downsize your wardrobe/ kitchen / life
  8. 6 Female entrepreneurs that inspire me 
  9. How to let go of fear and insecurities
  10. My favourite wordpress plugins
  11. How I balance working from home with life
  12. My business goals for 2020/ June/ this quarter
  13. Roadmap to successful blogging 
  14. 5 Business lessons I learned as a waitress/ Uber driver/ night porter
  15. Uplifting affirmations for female business owner/ new moms/ work from home moms
  1. How to save $10 a week/ $100 a month / $1000 a year with these simple steps 
  2. 21 Gift ideas when you’re buying for the person who has everything 
  3. 15 Myths about beauty bloggers / travel bloggers / mom bloggers
  4. How to make money as an travel/ beauty/ wellness blogger 
  5. Tips for beginner bloggers
  6. My top guilty pleasures/purchases from May/June/July
  7. How much I spend on my skin care/ beauty regime 
  8. Habits of happy families/ couple/ partners/ work spaces 
  9. I’m currently coveting …these pants/ this pair of earrings / this bag/ this hair colour
  10. 12 Reasons why I love summer days/ holiday season/ winter – and why you will too 
  11. My x pick of the week (TV show, Netflix series, dinner hack)
  12. How to use Google Docs/ Trello/ Evernote to plan your posts 
  13. Matching holiday Pyjamas for the whole family 
  14. How to simplify your routine
  15. My favourite blogging courses and e-books 
  1. 30 Ways to surprise your bestie/ partner / kids 
  2. How to create a mood board/ inspiration board 
  3. My top 3 go to easy midweek recipes 
  4. 100 Free acts of kindness 
  5. My 10 minute full body from home workout 
  6. Why you should quit these habits
  7. How to save money on food every week 
  8. My biggest regret 
  9. 10/30 day x challenge – drink more water, eat well, sleep by 10pm… blog your progress 
  10. Hottest social network for bloggers right now 
  11. What I learned turning 20,30,40,50…
  12. How to reduce your eco footprint
  13. My favourite books for inspiration
  14. How to conquer your fear of flying / spiders/ brussels spouts 
  15. 6 Spots to hide away in when you’re tired 
  1. The 11 rules I live my life by 
  2. My yoga routine and set up 
  3. How to be a good friend 
  4. Bloggers who inspire me… top 10 list 
  5. Biggest pet peeves at the supermarket/ coffee shop/ beach 
  6. My travel checklist for frequent flyers
  7. FAQ about X (blogging, raising teenagers, losing weight on a plant based diet)
  8. Dupes.. Compare a cheap product with an expensive one and review 
  9. My monthly beauty/ self care/ food obsessions
  10. My Xmas/ Easter/4th of July grocery haul
  11. How I pack for overseas travel
  12. My secret recipe for making the budget stretch/ keeping fit in 20 mins a day/ self care
  13. 10 Toxic habits you should ditch today
  14. How to get people to read your blog
  15. Low calorie/ high protein/ low GI Winter / Summer snacks
  1. My fave Ted talks on x (your passion)
  2. 6 Wardrobe staples I can’t live without 
  3. 72 Hours in Auckland, NZ (your city or town)
  4. An open letter to my 18 year old self/ best friend / mum 
  5. Morning shower hacks to start your day right
  6. 3 Healthy snack swaps to make today 
  7. How to be mindful of your self talk 
  8. 10 Things in my handbag right now 
  9. 20 Blogging industry abbreviations and terms you need to know
  10. Ultimate guide to x (rock fishing, travelling with toddlers/ online shopping) 
  11. How to organize your pantry for summer/ winter/ autumn / the holidays
  12. How to create a garden/ outdoor sanctuary/ she shed on a budget
  13. 25 Ways to prepare beets/ asparagus/ peaches/ feijoas/ plums… whatever’s in season 

Where to find extra inspiration

If you’ve chosen your niche and are looking for a little bit of extra inspiration, head on over to Pinterest, Mix (Update: Mix is apparently closing down! and they have started a new project on their app…) or Bloglovin and search your niche or topic.

Or simply pop your keywords (head/short or long tail) into BuzzSumo, Ubersuggest , SEMRush or even Google! And see what other lifestyle bloggers in your niche are writing about. 

Don’t forget that you can batch up your content into themes or series’ as well!

For example when you spend time researching and writing about holiday gift giving, make sure you wrap in your other ideas around Christmas like – recipes, playlists and home decor, so when you’re in the same mindset you can get more done.

This way you can also make sure you include internal links to similar posts. 

How to write SEO friendly meta titles and descriptions for your blog posts

Ahh this ones a beauty! You know that feeling – you’ve written you post and you want to get your post out to the world! But, you still have to add meta data! And you are all out of puff for that description.

This is by far one of those blogging tasks that I hate! But I want to share a new tool I’ve added to my arsenal with you. It’s called Jasper and it can help you write your meta data, super fast and the best news is that it can help you rank! SO GOOD!

You can grab your exclusive 10,000 credits from me here! Give it a go. I guarantee you’ll be hooked.

I hope these lifestyle blog post ideas were helpful! Sometimes it’s so hard to just get started but with a little help you can plan posts for days!

148 Blog post ideas for beginner bloggers

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