21 Positive Affirmations for Women Entrepreneurs

21 Positive Affirmations for Women Entrepreneurs

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Ok, so this is something that’s both incredibly powerful and potentially a wee bit embarrassing! Standing in front of your mirror first thing in the morning and talking to yourself may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I’m here to tell you that even if you modify this practice and make it your own, and there are tonnes of ways to do this, you’ll reap the biggest rewards. 

These 21 positive affirmations for creative female entrepreneurs allow you to reflect on your self limiting behaviours, provide you with a daily dose of kindness to yourself and help you fine tune your utmost hearts desires and passions.

Meditation, affirmations and mindfulness may not be up your ally, but incorporating just a little time each day to check in with yourself and be mindful of the things you might be ruminating on is a powerful way to adjust your mindset and reset your goals.

I like to do my affirmations, or mantras while I’m doing Yin Yoga at the end of the day, not the morning! So I can finish the day with a sense of gratitude and positivity about my strengths and my progress.

Aim to pick 3-5 of these that resonate with you… Add them into your day..

Whether that be talking to yourself out  loud while brushing your teeth, making your morning coffee or doing morning exercise… or…. take a quieter approach and incorporate them into your meditation, yoga or mindfulness practice. 


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21 Positive affirmations for women entrepreneurs

  1. I am safe, I am supported in all I do 
  2. I am courageous, I am ready to face any challenge
  3. I have the ability to face change and grow
  4. I am unique and have a special talent to offer the world
  5. I have a voice and I am able to use it
  6. I am proud of myself and my achievements
  7. I am healthy, I am vibrant
  8. I am passionate about what I do and that makes me attract like minded connections
  9. I am strong, I am focussed
  10. I am more powerful than I could ever believe
  11. I am compassionate and mindful of others 
  12. I am infinitely creative
  13. I am confident and capable, even if i sometimes don’t feel it
  14. I am loved and I am loving in all my actions
  15. I am intuitive and empathetic 
  16. I make a difference 
  17. I am aligned with my purpose in life 
  18. I am allowed to make mistakes, mistakes are vital to learn and grown 
  19. I am calm, centred and content 
  20. I have all I need for success within me
  21. I am enough 

It truly doesn’t matter how you incorporate these affirmations into your day. It’s like Yoga, or exercise… it only matters that you do it, and do it consistently. 

It can feel weird at first, talking to yourself. BUT! Wait! We all do that anyway, right? Ha ha ha .. and wouldn’t you rather try to control the messages and self talk you’re sending yourself every minute of every day? Even if it’s just for a short while? 

Thing is. You deserve it. 

So, quit rushing into your day, too busy to treat yourself with kindness. Pick a couple of these that you feel are meaningful to you … add them to your white board or journal… and repeat them to yourself. 


Once you get comfortable with the process, start thinking about your own affirmations or mantras.

Here’s some prompts to get you started to creating your own kick ass list of meaningful affirmations!

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5 Positive affirmation prompts for women entrepreneurs

Sometimes digging straight into affirmation mode may be hard. Journaling is another way to get your daily does of good feels. And by starting with prompts you can easily be on your way to positive self talk and and a feel good vibe for the day ahead. These prompts are starting points for your writing.

  • What are some of the best talents and traits about you? Include these! 
  • What is your purpose? Or passion? 
  • How do you want to show up in this world?
  • Why are you doing what you’re doing? 
  • What does success look like to you? 

Make sure your affirmations are positive, not negative, we all have enough negative self talk flowing around in our brains! Plus, you’ll be surprised at how well your brain reacts to some tender love and care.

And, make them present tense. Don’t make them aspirational, even if they are! … your brain has a funny way of believing you when you talk to it.. So if you say, I am incredibly successful at all I do…. Or, I am calm and centred in my actions …Then you might just start believing that! 

Go! Enjoy! … use our 21 uplifting affirmations for creative female entrepreneurs above or go wild and create your own! You might just surprise yourself.

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