6 healthy snack ideas for work from home moms

6 healthy snack ideas for work from home moms

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If you’re anything like me you start the day off really really well, but by 8pm you’re reaching for chocolate! These 6 healthy snack ideas for work from home moms will set you in the right direction!

I tend to do intermittent fasting from 7pm till 11am… that’s commonly known as 16:8 fasting… not for everyone that’s for sure… but it tends to help me sleep better, be less inflamed (I have a a few inflammatory conditions, including arthritis and asthma) and generally feel a bit better all round. 

I usually drink plenty of water each day and try to get in a nutrient dense smoothie as my first meal of the day around 11am, if toast and peanut butter doesn’t win the argument. Sometimes both.

But, I do know one thing… and that is IF I am organised, I don’t eat shitty food. And IF I’ve shopped smartly, prepped, and have options on hand… I tend to eat better for my brain and my body.

So, I rounded up 6 of the best healthy snacks for women working from home to help you out ladies! Yeah… I got you boo! … some are just such no brainers that I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of them before. Some are OMG good and I know they’ll become you’re staples. These are super great snack idea for work, or work from home work!

You’re so very welcome 🧡

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6 Healthy snack ideas for work from home moms

1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bites 

Mhmmmm oh my! These are incredible! Anything with peanut butter and chocolate in it is so on my list! These are full of good stuff, are high energy and will keep you satiated! 

healthy snack ideas for work from home moms

They contain pantry basics…. And are super fast to whip up… Brittany from Eating Bird Food swears that these are good for you! And she’s right… fruit is nothing to be scared of! 

A super sustaining snack that won’t put you to sleep! Plus, the sheer meditative state you’ll go into making these is sure to boost your mood. 

Along with her awesome website, Brittany has a fabulous Pinterest page full of delicious and nutritious treats. Well worth following, especially if you are looking for vegan, gluten free or vegetarian options. 

Brittany Mullins Eating Bird food

2. Cinnamon Apple Chips

Give these wee beauts a shot! Sometimes you want to be good and have a plain old apple… but that little voice inside you says it’s just not that exciting!

Jazz them up a bit with a whiff of cinnamon and if you like a weeeeee bit of sugar….you can swap out the sugar here for organic coconut sugar 🙂 Just as good! Or leave out the sugar altogether.

Cinnamon apple chips

Carrie is a bit of a kitchen super star and has heaps of great family friendly recipes on her site. Find her on Pinterest here too. 

Carrie's experimental kitchen

3. Healthy Sour Candy Frozen Grapes

OH MY GOSH! These even sound naughty! But they are a super treat, especially for a hot day. Instead of mindlessly snuffling up M&MS how ’bout trying these tasty wee treats made with monk fruit sweetener. 

Mac’s blog is choc full of healthy treats for paleo, Whole30 and Keto… she’s a mom to two little girls and is a complete legend… We LOVE you Mac! 

Healthy candy sour frozen grapes

You can also while away the hours scrolling through her Pinterest here… sorry, not sorry.

Healthy little peach

4. Keto Pizza Roll Ups

Something for the not so sweet toothed… arrrghhh … that’s so me! If you’re into Keto you’ll love these too! 

Jasmine is the mom to 5 boys and 2 girls! So, she knows a thing or two about juggling self care and work with family life! 

Her blog Stylish Cravings is a mix of recipes, family, and style & beauty tips and she has some super easy, and quick recipes that are perfect for busy work from home moms.  

Keto pizza roll ups

Her Pinterest is mainly about Keto eating, and she has plenty of inspiring recipes for anyone who is short of time and wants healthy and nutritious snacks. 

Stylish cravings

5. Cookie Dough Protein Bites

Gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and vegan! Alllll the frees! … these look so naughty… but are on the healthier side… so much yum. 

These are a great way to use protein powder in recipes, not just smoothies if you’ve been looking for an alternative. I use a fab plant based protein powder made with pea protein!

Cookie dough protein bites

Christina is one cool chick… from Atlanta, she’s into fitness and baking… the perrrrfect combo in my humble opinion… she has a daughter and two rescue pooches, Charlie and Wesley…. And ….seems like a super sweet and somewhat awesome human being.

Her Pinterest is a beautiful celebration of life… go look her up.

Run lift eat repeat

6. Sweet Potato Everything Bagel Chips 

A healthy alternative to potato chips or real bagel chips… These are paleo and are the perfect swap out if you’re in need of a chip fix! We call sweet potato Kumara in New Zealand… and they are an incredibly versatile food!

Sweet potato everything bagel chips

Michelle’s blog is all about anti inflammatory foods… She has Hashimoto’s disease so knows her stuff when it comes to eating well and living a lifestyle that’s supportive of health and wellbeing. Anti inflammatory is what I’m alllll about these days!

Her Pinterest covers Whole30 and Paleo and has a tonne of healthy snacks and meal recipes.

Unbound Wellness

I totally went down a rather large rabbit hole looking for great healthy snacks for us work from home mommas! I got seriously lost and had to dig my way back to reality… I wish I was more creative in the kitchen like these amazing women! 

But, alas, my kitchen prowess is very much limited… However, I can sniff out great content! So, try these! And let me know which ones you loved! 

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