6 Purposeful Sunday habits for a productive week ahead

6 Purposeful Sunday habits for a productive week ahead

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Sundays are for recollecting our thoughts, they are for resting and reminding us of why we do what we do and who we do it for. 

This isn’t your average blah blah BS list of warm baths and walks in nature… Although those two things are in fact a pretty great start! 

This list is stuff that you might not have thought about… things that you might want to try… habits that you may have been resisting over the years but your mind and/ or your body is now screaming at you to take action on! 

Read these habits and even if you only decide to implement one or two of them… that’s perfect… noone SHOULD be doing everything all the time… pick your poison… what works for one person may not work for another.

6 Sunday habits to set you up for a productive week ahead

1. Rest with intention

Rest schmest! Ha ha ha …. So, for me rest can take many forms… rest to me looks like three things… or has three layers… one is sleep…. Make sure you’re getting enough good quality sleep…..

The second is naps… ahhh Sunday naps! The guilt free treat all adults love…. And the third is rest…

Sunday naps are one of those guilt free habits that we can all get behind right!? Take advantage of this time! Your body and mind will thank you for it during the week ahead.

But, rest too. Stop being so busy! Sit down… read a book or a magazine… put your feet up and mindlessly watch Netflix or a great rerun of a favourite movie. I LOVE it when I can see reruns of the 80’s classics… (although they are very unPC!) … like Ferris Buellers Day off … or The Breakfast Club… 

The thing is here… take Sunday to rest with intention… whatever form this takes…. A nap… or a blanket and a movie… you deserve to rest. 

Rest with intention

2. Actively take your mind out for a break 

There’s something especially wonderful about active relaxation. Ahhhhh….. So, so good. It’s easy to tell yourself to slow down but when you have an active mind and are a woman on mission this can be hard! 

Doing things like cooking a meal with intention, creating something out of nothing, like a sewing project or crafting, or taking yourself out to the garden for a spot of rejuvenation works wonders to calm your mind and get you refreshed for the week ahead.

Sometimes rest doesn’t look like rest. But taking your mind out for a break, by switching gears into something that creates a state of flow might just surprise you! 

Doing things that require us to have a hands on practical application of skills is so soothing to our minds. It gives us a break from thinking bad we go into creative mode. 

I LOVE the flow of sewing… or gardening… and seeing real results at the end that I’ve made with my very own hands. 

3. Collect your wins

As women we do not do this enough! We strive and we toil… we are forever upping our game to hit the next milestone.

Girl… do a success audit! Take your time on Sunday to do a quick self audit of what went right this past week.

Micro wins are essential to your sanity and the longevity of any of our business endeavours. 

Make sure you’re including micro wins in your targets and goals as a business owner or blogger.

Yes, you want to hit 100,000 users a month. But! … what can you measure each week that shows you real progress? What can you measure that feels good? What can you measure that makes this all worthwhile?

For me, these sorts of things are community engagement in my Facebook Group… above all else I’m building a business that focuses on community and being of service to people. So this is super important to me and is a measure of my why. 

Feedback on my posts is another way for me to know that I’m heading in the right direction. If something I’ve published has been super helpful to someone or helped them solve a problem

Publishing at least one post per week that talks to the non technical side of running a business… like this post… SUPER important to me… it’s my jam… I am passionate about a holistic approach to blogging and building businesses. Without the other stuff, it’s just not something that’s as important to me. 

Collect your wins. Make a list of the somewhat intangible things that MATTER MOST to you…

The business metrics will always be there….  

Simple habits for a productive week

4. Remember your why

This is where I talk about walks in nature, family time and self care! … ha ha ha … but really… Why are you doing what you’re doing? Do you want more time in nature? Do you want more time for yourself? 

Why did you start that thing? Why did you create that biz? Why did you go into that career?

Take the time on a Sunday … or any day of the week! … to truly reflect on your why and remember the reasons why you are doing what you do. 

Purpose is a massively powerful force. And tapping into the real reasons behind why we do things can really help to set us up for success and productivity.

Did you start your own home based business so you could spend more time with your kids, yet you’re up every night till 1am, and are tired and stressed with those very children you wanted to make more time with?

Take the time to reflect on your whys. And adjust your mindset accordingly.

For me. I want to create financial freedom for my family, I want to be present with my teens, I want to work when I’m at my best, not from 9-5, I want to create balance in my life and my families lives… and I want to be of service to others….

Tapping into my why regularly means I can create a clear roadmap for myself when things get tough.  

remember your why

5. Communicate wisely 

This is a biggy. We are often so busy throughout the week that we seldom have their chance to check in with not only our loved ones but also ourselves.

Make time on Sunday to mindfully check in to those that matter to you most. And, to check in with yourself. 

You might not solve all the world’s problems in one fell swoop, but effectively communicating what’s going on in your head and in your life with those you love goes a heck of a long way to setting things straight in your mind. 

Likewise make sure to check in with those closest to you. It’s really easy to let another week go by and let that pressure build up. 

simple habits for productivity

6. Review your routine

Routine is so, so important to me. I run at a million miles per minute when I want to do something I’m passionate about… but it’s the routines in my life that keep me solidly grounded. 

These are the sorts of things that won’t blow your mind, but they are routines.. .and they are somewhat meditative in nature. 

I always make my bed in the morning. I fold the washing and deliver it to the paprop[riate teenager’s room. I set the washing on and get it out to dry. So, so boring right! … 

Well… yes, and no. 

You see the thing is with these small routines is that they are givens. They are constants. They are always there. They are a constant in my life on any given day. They are a ritual. They set me up for knowing that I might not have control over anything else in my life right now, but I do have control.

These steps make me feel in control and they give me a meditative space to start my day with tiny wee wins. I feel good. They give me a dopamine hit! Which seems strange… but because they are tasks that have an outcome… I get a reward. Perfect way to start my day.

How to prepare for the week ahead on Sunday

So each Sunday make sure you’re assessing where you can add routine into your day. Can you set yourself up daily with small wins? How easy would it be for you to set up a morning routine that gives you a feel good hormone hit? 

You needn’t roll into Mondays with a feeling of dread and apprehension for the week ahead… you CAN set yourself up for a productive week by creating a little space in your mind and your heart for the things that matter most to you.

Yes, plan your meals, yes, diarise your workouts, yes, catch up on chores… but more importantly … do those things that are the most meaningful that are going to bring you closer to your goals 

12 thoughts on “6 Purposeful Sunday habits for a productive week ahead”

  • I make sure to spend at least one day during weekends to rest after a weeklong work. But it’s also important to spend the rest of the weekend for something productive! Thanks for your suggestions x


  • these are really wonderful ideas!
    I especially love the Sunday nap!
    it is crucial to rest and relax in order to take on the next day.
    thank you so much for sharing these terrific ideas!

  • Really useful ideas, I like the remembering why and checking your wins. Both nice techniques I’d like to take away from this

  • Good advice. Sunday has always been our ‘off’ day around here. Not for religious reasons, but because it’s the only day that my husband and I both have off work together. We sleep in, relax and reflect on our week, cuddle and play with the pups and just enjoy that ‘pack’ time together. Honestly, it’s SO important! That time is what allows me to recharge so that I’m prepared for the week ahead.

    • YES! pack time ! love it! 🧡 We just went out for brunch… (Sunday here) … now will spend the avo chilling and resting, and cuddling the dog!

  • I love these ideas! Ok Sunday is going to be packed. Routines are definitely important and oh yeah what’s a nap?! I wish I knew! I love taking long baths to mentally check in or work in my planner to outline those small wins. Thanks girlie for this post

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