7 Tips to Master Tailwind Tribes in 2020

7 Tips to Master Tailwind Tribes in 2020

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Try these 7 tips to Master Tailwind Tribes, give your Pins a super powered distribution boost and your blog traffic a generous kick! 

Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links for which I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase.

Tailwind Tribes are pretty powerful little communities within Tailwind.

Tailwind Tribes are pretty powerful little communities

They are places where you can join other people who share the same interests as you and both share your own content and that of other Tribe members. One of my favourite Tribes is the Bloggers and Creative Infopreneurs Tribe… you can check out this tribe and join here.

The benefits of Tailwind Tribes are that you get your content shared with relevant other pinners. And, that you can curate relevant and high quality other content for your audience. 

Tribes are a bit like Pinterest Group Boards, where you gather around a particular interest. But Tribes are monitored for reciprocation and I tend to think they get better engagement. Master Tailwind Tribes and you’ll be on your way to a generous traffic boost!

1. How do I find relevant Tribes in my niche?

There’s a few different ways you can do this. The best way in my opinion is to search for lists in either Google or Pinterest itself using keywords like “Best Tailwind Tribes for bloggers”, or Best Tailwind Tribes to join etc.

You can then check out the various lists published and choose Tribes that fit your niche. Be careful to choose from updated lists though. I have a new 2020 updated best Tailwind Tribes list here. 

You can also find relevant boards to join by heading over to Tailwind Tribes and clicking on the “Find a Tribe” tab.You can search by keyword or category here.  

find tribes

2. Which Tribes should I join? 

It’s super important that you join the right Tribes for you. If you’re joining Tribes that are somewhat out of your Niche you’ll do two things. 1 Not get reshares on your content, and 2. Confuse your own audience by resharing content that isn’t what they’re looking for. 

Once you’ve figured out what your niche is and which types of Tribes you want to join you can then filter them down by a couple of good criteria.

The first is Virality score. You do this by jumping into the Tribe and having a look at how many posts are shared in total to the group and then look at how many repins the posts got overall.

If you take the repins and divide these by the tidal number of posts you’ll get a virality score.

Choose Tribes with a score over 1 as a general rule. Meaning they get more repins per piece of added content as a ratio. You can check out a Tribes stats by clicking on the Preview Tribe button up top. 

tailwind tribes

The second thing I look for is the activity bar. You want to be joining Tribes that have plenty of activity. I aim for those that are a 4 or 5. 

tailwind tribes

Finally I check the number of members in a tribe. Sometimes the virality score or the activity may be a bit low… but! There’s sometimes GOLD in a tribe with lower member numbers and a lower Virality score. IF people are active.

A tribe with less members can have the benefit of your Pins not getting so lost in the mix of thousands of others. I try to choose a couple of Tribes that are great wee up and comers. That have relatively few members but either a great virality score or great activity. 

I love this one. Few members comparatively, but a pretty good score and great activity. I also test a tribe out and see what my reach tends to be after a few weeks to see if that particular Tribe is working FOR ME.

tailwind tribes

3. How many Tribes should I join?

When you sign up to Tailwind as a free trialist, you can immediately try Tribes for free, and this privilege stays with you once you move to a paid plan with the ability to be a member of up to 5 Tribes. If you need more you can use a Tribes Power up and move to 10 or unlimited tribe access. 

Now, there’s a catch to Tribes. The more you join, and the more of your own content you post to each tribe, the more you have to reciprocate by resharing other people’s content.

Sharing is GOOD. Because you want to be a content creator and a content curator… or finder and sharer of great content. But, you don’t want your ratios to go too high of sharing your own vs other people’s content. I like to aim for around 80-90% my own content. So this means I have limited my Tribes and also I limit pinning to Tribes to my VERY best content only. 

4. How to share other Tribe members content

First up, make certain that you’re in the right Tribes to start with. Curate your Tribes list every few months   to weed out those that are not right for you and maybe search for others that might perform better or be a better fit. 

Now, the rules of each tribe differ, but in general most Tribes require you to reshare one Pin for every Pin you share to the Tribe. Which is a pretty fair deal.

Some Tribes however require a 2:3 ratio and one I’m in is a 1:3 ratio. I prefer to join 1:1 Tribes as it’s simply easier, but having said that, those Tribes with higher ratios mean that more people Pins are being shared. So, up to you. 

Remember, you  want to be both a content CREATOR and a content CURATOR … Pinterest likes people who not only Pin grreat, fresh content of their own to Pinterest but who also find awesome content that other people have created and share that with their followers. 

I like to look for content in a Tribe that has repins on Pinterest – see the blue flame top right on a Pin… and/or that other tribe members are finding useful and resharing… see bottom left reshare icon on a Pin. 

Pin performance

You can also, on some Tribes only, click the Weekly Highlights tab and share Pins from there which have proven to be pretty popular. See below, the first tribe doesn’t have this tab yet, the second does. 

Weekly highlights
Tailwind Tribes

I also make sure to check the Already Shared checkbox, so I’m not resharing content I have previously shared. 

Weekly highlights

5. How to share your own content to Tailwind Tribes 

Ideally, it’s best to wait to Pin your content to Tribes until you Pin/s at least have some repins/engagement on Pinterest. That way tribe members are seeing the little blue flame up in your Pin that indicates your Pin is valuable. 

You can use the Tailwind Chrome extension to schedule Pins directly from Pinterest or your own website to Tribes. 

  1. Go to the board you want to Pin to Tribes from. 
  2. Open the board and click your Tailwind Extension. 
  3. Choose which Pins you wish to add to Tribes. You can do this one at a time, or in bulk. 
  4. Click Add to Tribes.
Add content to tailwind tribes

Optionally, you can Pin to a tribe when you first upload your fresh Pins to Tailwind for Scheduling by simply adding to Tribes as you go. 

I always stagger pins to various Tribes. I use my best top 3 pins per new blog post and stagger these out to my top 3 relevant, niche specific Tribes. So, Tribe A, will get PIN 1, Tribe B, Pin 2 and so forth.. This way my same niche Tribes will not all receive the same Pin for the same fresh piece of content.

Many members of your Tribes will be members of other Tribes that are similar in nature, so make sure you spice it up a bit for them and you’ll get a far better chance of your Pins being reshared and eventually repinned.

I also Pin to Tribes in the week following the blog post going out. I post on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. So the next week I’ll add my top 3 for each post to Tribes on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday but I’ll Pin content from last week’s blogs, so they’ve had time to percolate and generate engagement on Pinterest. 

Typically, you can reshare a pin to a tribe after a few months. So schedule yourself time to go back over your well performing Pins and reshare them to your relevant Tribes. 

You can also go to your published posts on Tailwind and reshare from there. This is a great way to reintroduce old Pins to Tribes as you can see when you published the post and can choose pins that may have performed well based on repins. 

Tribe stats

When you go to re add to a tribe you can also see a warning of the Tribes you have already shared to, plus the date that the Pin was added. Very HANDY! 

error message

6. Check your Pins

  • Are your Pins optimal size? These should be Vertical Pins only and have a size ratio of 2:3. I like to use a mix of both 600x900px or 1000x1500px to add variety. 
  • Is your Pin readable? Does the Font stand out against the background? Have you used contrasting colours so your text can be easily read on mobile (smaller). 
  • Have you made sure you are using images that are allowed to be shared? Either free or paid stock or your own images.
  • Do you have your branding on your Pins? Always take the opportunity to add your logo or blog page details! It’s prime real estate! 

7. Check your Tailwind Tribe stats

This is a biggy! It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day of running your blog or business, and not pay too much attention to your stats.

But, you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken and similarly, if somethings working REALLY WELL for you, wouldn’t you want to try to replicate that? 

Tailwind Tribes provide you with a weekly report direct to your inbox! Which is super fabulous. It tells you how you have performed in Tribes over the course of your Tribes journey. You get to see how many Tribes you are a member of, how many reshares you have received and how many repins this has generated on Pinterest.

Your weekly report also gives you a detailed breakdown of all your Tribes overall stats, which is a handy reference for how each Tribe is performing overall. And, most importantly you get a detailed breakdown of all YOUR Tribes performance. 

You can also see your Tribes stats by going to Tribes on your dashboard and clicking Insights. 

The numbers I like to look at are how many Pins I have added to the tribe vs how many reshares I have generated. And making sure that this number is over 1 at the very least. Ie: if you have shared 100 pins to a tribe and received 200 reshares that would be a score of 2. 

I also like to look at my reach for a particular Tribe. And divide the number or reshares buy reach to see reach per reshare. Obviously the higher the better. 

Gosh! That was WAY longer than I anticipated.. And, I could literally go on for another 2000 words. But! I shan’t! 

My final tips for using Tailwind Tribes is to think carefully about what you share to them in terms of timing and frequency. To schedule in a day or two a week to take 10 minutes to check in on your Tribes, your reciprocal pinning and your stats and to be patient with your results! 

Check out my blog on the 18 Best Tailwind Tribes to Join here for more info on Tribes. 

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