7 Best AI Writing Tools For 2023

7 Best AI Writing Tools For 2023

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AI writers have become one of the most popular writing tools around and 2023 will see an explosion of not only new tools, but also new features and better software that will no doubt change the way people create content.

There are some fantastic AI writing tools around now including ChatGPT, and now Google Bard, that can help you with website copy, social media micro content, blog titles and headers, long form content writing and more. But which AI writer is the best for you needs? Which AI writer is the best for the price? And, which AI writer is the one that will be most improved in 2023?

I’ve tried and tested the top AI writers around. So you don’t have to! And I’ve come up with a definitive list of 7 of my favourite AI writers to help you get ahead with your content and your rankings in 2023!

Let’s get into it!

Disclaimer: This post contains links, that if clicked, and you make a purchase, or start a trial, I may make a small commission, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I 🧡

Short on time? Get my quick recommendations below!

Top 3 AI writers graph with recommendations

Top 3 Best AI Writers 

If I had to pick, I’d go with Copy.ai or Writesonic as my number one AI writers, both are great all rounders and, both are a great price. 

A close second equal would be Growthbar and Jasper. Growthbar is exceptional as an indispensable tool for successful bloggers. It’s definitely one of the tools that every blogger should have in their tech stack. And, Jasper, a close second. Jasper’s your work horse, your all rounder and great for marketers, or anyone who relies a lot of micro content and social media content. 

Growthbar vs Jasper? Depending on what you want to do with you AI, I’d go with Growthbar if you need a tool that puts SEO first. Great for bloggers, writers etc. And I’d go for Jasper for marketers and other small businesses. Growthbar has some awesome features specifically for bloggers that’ll help you maximise your efforts and improve efficiency.

  1. Copy.ai or Writesonic – Small business, general use
  2. Growthbar – For bloggers
  3. Jasper – For bloggers and marketers

All have great pricing. Are founded by amazing founders. And, are updated regularly with amazing new features and upgrades. It’s definitely a tough pick!

Jasper Review

Jasper (formerly Jarvis) has a pretty incredible user interface (UI), which is designed to be super intuitive and easy to use. Great for bloggers, small business owners and social media managers.

As expected, you can write pretty much anything using Jasper, from blog outlines to social media descriptions, meta data, ad copy and emails.

They have super great support and provide a myriad of online videos, courses, and guides for training purposes.

Plagiarism free, obviously and SEO friendly. Jasper keeps upping their game when it comes to helping to get you ranked for the best content on the web.

Jasper has also just released Jasper Chat- think ChatGPT- but better! Jasper Chat is also FREE! so give it a whirl!

Pros of Jasper

  • Over 50 templates or recipes ot choose from
  • Content improver helps you up your content game
  • 25+ languages
  • SEO friendly content
  • Surfer SEO integration
  • Jasper Art
  • Jasper Chat

Pricing for Jasper

Pricing starts at an affordable $29 per month (or save 17% with an annual plan)- and they offer a free trial to help get you set up.

Score: We give Jasper a 9/10! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Copy.ai Review

Like the others, Copy.ai lets you create a multitude of different content pieces. Emails, blog posts and social media descriptions and micro content seem to be the winners here though.

Copy.ai is pretty well established and offers good support. Again, built on GPT-3 software for all the bells and whistles that you would expect from a great AI writer.

With over 90 marketing tools, including an Instagram caption generator and a Google Ads generator, and plenty of templates, including cover letters and business plans, Copy.ai is up there in my opinion.

They also have a large and highly engaged Facebook community of over 15K members- which is a super cool way to get support and gain valuable insights and tips on product use and issues fixing.

Super easy to use and a nice interface makes the learning curve pretty flat. Which is a big bonus and something that some of the other more basic platforms lack.

The brainstorming tools is pretty nifty and allows for quick content idea generation which is pretty spot on and highly useful. A really nice additional feature.

They also have a Chrome extension– making content creation on the fly easy.

Pros of Copy.ai

  • Lots of templates
  • Great marketing tools
  • Good price
  • Supportive community
  • Great support
  • 25 languages supported

Pricing for Copy.ai

They have a completely free plan which is useful to try the product with no credit card required. And their Pro plans start at $49 a month, which is in line with many other platforms.

Score: We give Copy.ai a 9/10! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Rytr Review

Rytr is a super popular and entry level AI copy writer. It’s super useful for creating product descriptions, blog outlines and sections, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter ads, emails, landing pages, meta descriptions and more!

Rytr is on the more basic end of the spectrum when it comes to AI writers, but it’s one of the writers that has a completely free version which is pretty good at getting you started.

Pros of Rytr

  • Free plan
  • Great for short form content
  • Easy to use interface
  • Cheapest AI writer
  • Supports Hindi

Pricing for Rytr

Rytr has a totally free plan and their Saver Plan is exceptionally affordable at $9 per month, billed yearly.

Score: We give Rytr a 7/10! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Growthbar Review

Growthbar markets themselves as the best AI writer for SEO. If you’re looking for a tool that helps you rank- and lets face it… isn’t that what its all about?? then Growthbar is for you.

With customers like Monday.com, Cube, Capterra, Product Hunt and Dell, this AI writer is a bit of a heavy hitter, without the price tag.

The BEST things about Growthbar by far is the integration of other tools that help you with rank. Growthbar helps with keyword research and gives you insights into your competitors organic rankings, keywords, paid ads and more! So, you can literally do all your keyword research while you create!

This ones a biggy for me and it allows you to get rid of some of the other tools you might use for your keyword research. BIG BIG plus.

If you’re a blogger, this tool is for you. The focus on getting you ranked is just too good to bypass. Plus, there’s a WordPress plugin! SO GOOD!

Create website and blog content outlines, headers and titles, introductions and more. Then use the writing assistant to write your sections. The user interface is super easy to get the hang ofadn the content output is fast and super accurate.

“We’ve been using GrowthBar for 18 months. Today, we rank #1 for keywords we care about–and our web traffic has grown by 580%.” Christina Ross CEO, Cube

Need another reason to try Growthbar? The found Mark Spera (and his cofounder Hailey Friedman) plant a tree for every customer. 🌱 Doing good for the world goes a long way in my book.

Pros of Growthbar

  • Great pricing
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Plenty of words per month
  • Great UIUX
  • Chrome extension
  • Free trial

Pricing for Growthbar

Plans start at $29 per month– billed annually (really great pricing!)

Score: We give Growthbar a 9/10! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Copy Shark Review

Copy Shark is designed for both copywriters and non-copywriters alike, and the AI has been trained to understand the nuances of writing in different industries. It’s powered by Open AI’s GPT-3 artificial intelligence making it super smart and aims at ensuring your content is super engaging.

Copy Shark AI Writer is designed with a user-friendly interface that allows you to quickly generate content ideas and even populate your content with keywords specific to your industry no matter if you’re a marketer, blogger or writer.

Copy Shark will automatically find the most popular keywords on any topic and related words that have high search volume and use them in your content. It also includes a plagiarism detector which will check your work for any plagiarism.

Loads of templates to choose from makes writing super easy with Copy Shark. Plus- it supports over 100 languages.

You can create ad copy, product descriptions, blog posts, meta descriptions, and even movie scripts with Copy Shark!

Pros of Copy Shark

  • Lots of templates!
  • Multi language
  • SEO friendly
  • Handles multiple content types

Pricing for Copy Shark

Pricing for Copy Shark starts at $59 a month.

Score: We give Copy Shark a 8/10! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Shakespeare Review

Shakespeare – the poet in your pocket! What a great line. I love the quirky way Shakespeare AI uses prose to get their point across in their website copy.

Essays, emails, sales emails, product descriptions and more. Shakespeare is definitely one ot watch.

The point of difference here is HUMAN-LIKE. Shakespeare AI writer boasts being one of the most human like copy generator. And this ones a biggg!

If you’re looking for an AI writer that focusses on tone and messaging then this ones for you!

Create copy in over 100 of the world’s most used languages, including English, French, Spanish and German! That’s pretty impressive, right! and one of the things I love most about Shakespeare AI.

Pros of Shakespeare

  • Loads of languages
  • Inbuilt templates
  • Target user personas
  • SEO friendly
  • Long and short form content

Pricing for Shakespeare

Free 10,000 trial available. Pricing starts at $42 per month (billed annually)

Score: We give Shakespeare a 7.5/10! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Writesonic Review

The Writesonic user experience is exceptional! A really well rounded product that helps you with the usual suspects, blog articles, social media content, landing pages, ad descriptions and more.

They have great support and tutorials to ensure you get the most out of your subscription. Plus, they have a Facebook community.

Writesonic is up there in terms of my favourite AI writers. They focus squarely on making sure the copy thats generated is optimised for search and will help you rank.. and get more customers!

Their writing assistant can help you create up to 1500 words within seconds that’s SEO friendly and ready to rank.

Writesonic has also just launched Chatsonic– a super powerful chat bot. Chatsonic is similar to ChatGPT- but synced with Google for a more up to date experience.

Pros of Writesonic

  • 60+ tools to help get you started
  • Direct export to WordPress
  • SEO Surfer integration
  • Auto generated AI images
  • Bulk upload feature
  • Supports 20+ languages
  • Chatsonic AI chat bot

Pricing for Writesonic

Writesonic’s pricing is really reasonable and you get a generous amount of words in each plan. Free trial available and if you’re a student of not for profit, then there is also a 30% discount! Way to go Writesonic!

Score: We give Writesonic a 9.5/10! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Read our full review of Writesonic here!

Are AI Writing Tools Good?

Totally valid question! It can be confusing at best to decipher what is good and what is rubbish in the world of AI writing and new technology.

So, are these tools good? The answer is, it depends. It depends on what you’re looking for in a writing tool and how you plan to use it.

If you’re looking for a tool to help you with grammar and punctuation, then an AI-powered grammar checker might work well for you. These tools can catch mistakes that you might miss, and they can even suggest ways to rephrase sentences for better clarity.

On the other hand, if you’re wanting a tool to help you generate ideas for your writing, then an AI-powered content generator might be a good option. These tools can help you come up with new and unique ideas for your writing, and they can even generate entire paragraphs or articles for you.

And if you’re looking for a tool that can assist you with the entire writing process, then an AI-powered writing assistant might be the way to go. These types of tools can help you with everything from brainstorming and research to editing and proofreading.

But, while AI writing tools can be very helpful, they’re not a replacement for human creativity and critical thinking. They can assist you with the writing process, but they can’t replace your own unique voice and perspective. My advice, tread cautiously!

Another important thing to consider is that AI writing tools are not perfect, they make mistakes and errors, it’s important to review the output and make sure it makes sense, and is factually accurate before publishing.

AI writing tools can be great tools to help you with the writing process, but they’re not a replacement for human creativity and critical thinking. They can assist you with grammar, punctuation, and even generate ideas, but they can’t replace you! It’s all about finding the right tool for your needs and using it in a way that complements your own writing process, not replaces it.

What Is The Best Free AI Writing Tool?

When it comes to the best free AI writing tools, you have plenty of options. Whether you’re a blogger, content marketer, or just need a way to generate fresh ideas, there’s a free version out there for you! You needn’t break the bank to utilise all the awesome AI options out there!

Writesonic would be my absolute go to for free versions. Plus they have Chatsonic– which is free and super useful! (side note: Chatsonic is AH- mazing! quite simply totally awesome 🧡).

WriteSonic offers a free plan that includes up to 1,500 words per month, access to the AI-powered content idea generator and article rewriter, and integration with WordPress, Medium, Wix, and Zapier. The limitations of Writesonic’s free plan includes no access to the bulk processing feature or the priority support.

Jasper AI is another fabulous option for free a AI writing assistant tool. Jasper offers a 7-day free trial that includes up to 10,000 words per month, access to the AI-powered content idea generator and long-form content production, and integration with Zapier. The limitations of their free trial include no access to the bulk processing feature, no priority support, plus, you need to provide credit card details, which is a bit of a bummer.

CopyAI is also a great option if you’re looking for free plans. They offer a Free-forever plan, including: 2,000 words every month, blog wizard tool, 90+ copywriting tools, unlimited projects, and a 7-day trial of the Pro plan. CopyAI does have some limitations with their free plan, including no access to the AI-powered content idea generator and meta description generator.

These free options provide you with a basic level of AI writing and can give you a good taste of what each tool can do for you without having to commit to a pro plan off the bat. Writesonic, for me – would be my choice of free plan, just because Chatsonic is a favourite of mine!

TLDR: Writesonic would be my #1 choice for a free AI writing tool.

What is the best AI writer for text?

So, which AI writing tool is the best for text? I would opt for either Writesonic or GrowthBar, two of the best AI writing tools in the market. Both of these tools offer several great features to make your writing process a breeze.

Writesonic offers over 40 use cases and templates to suit your needs. Plus, you can select from 30+ languages to write in your own or other languages for your clients. With over 20 tones of voice, you can also create content with the right emotion and nuance.


  • Over 40 use cases and templates to suit your needs.
  • 30+ languages to write in your own or other languages for your clients.
  • Over 20 tones of voice to create content with the right emotion.
  • Powerful, rich-text editor to help you go from raw ideas to a polished piece in no time.
  • Reword, shorten and do much more to improve the content quality before hitting submit.

GrowthBar is in my opinion hands down the best SEO tool for bloggers and content creators to create unique and compelling text. It’s an all-in-one AI tool that enables you to create content with a button click, audit your content for SEO best practices, perform keyword research, and spy on your competitors’ strategies.


  • All-in-one AI tool
  • Audit content for SEO best practices
  • Perform keyword research, and spy on competitors’ strategies.
  • Speed up blog production by 10x.
  • Long-form content AI text editor powered by GPT-3 natural language processing model.
  • Create a blog post outline with drag-and-drop headlines.
  • Generates hundreds of words at a time.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT, short for “Generative Pre-trained Transformer,” is a powerful language model developed by OpenAI. It is trained on a massive dataset of text from the internet, allowing it to generate human-like text that is grammatically correct and semantically meaningful. It’s said to be the fastest growing app of all time!

The model can be used for a variety of natural language processing tasks, such as language translation, text summarization, and conversation generation. It’s based on the transformer architecture, which is particularly well-suited to handling sequential data like text. Additionally, the model can be fine-tuned on specific task-related datasets to improve performance.

The technology behind ChatGPT is based on the concept of artificial neural networks. These networks are designed to mimic the human brain’s ability to learn and process information, as well as to interact with humans in a conversational manner. This makes it possible for ChatGPT to interact with its users in real-time, allowing them to ask questions or provide feedback.

ChatGPT is pretty cool. But has its limitations. Limitations that Writesonic’s ChatSonic seems to fill quite nicely.

Like ChatGPT, ChatSonic utilizes natural language processing technology to generate high-quality writing. However, ChatSonic is superior to ChatGPT in many ways.

One of the most notable advantages of using ChatSonic is its ability to generate up-to-date information on current events. This allows for more accurate and accurate writing, as the user has access to the most recent news and developments related to their topic. In addition, ChatSonic is able to create art from texts, which is something that ChatGPT cannot do.

Another advantage of using ChatSonic is its integration with Google Search. This allows users to quickly and easily access the necessary information to create content. This is something that ChatGPT cannot do, and it makes it far easier to create content with ChatSonic than with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is currently offered free (although registration is now potentially closed for a while) but a pro version is in the works. And, with the demand for the free version the tool is often overloaded. You can bet that shortly this will be limited. The free launch period which they used to garner feedback on ChatGPT did a lot to get AI into the hands of the millions. A cleaver marketing plan. Now, they will monetize it.

So, grab yourself a great alternative sooner rather than later.

What is Google Bard?

Google Bard is an AI chatbot developed by Google to provide a conversational interface with users. It seeks to combine the breadth of the world’s knowledge with the power, intelligence and creativity of its large language models. It’s powered by a language model, similar to ChatGPT, and it is able to converse with users.

Google Bard is not available to the public yet! It’s currently being tested by a group of select users- both within and external to Google.

Google’s release of Bard has obviously set up an artificial intelligence showdown with Microsoft and OpenAI, who have invested billions in the development of ChatGPT.

Bard is based on LaMDA, Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications system, and has been in development for several years.

Wrap Up

AI technologies are rapidly evolving and the best AI writer companies are certainly keeping up with the advances. If you’re in marketing, are an entrepreneur, run your own business or are working in an agency, then an AI writer can be a powerful tool to add to you tech stack.

A great AI writer makes your content creation seamless, can handle a variety of formats and outputs and has a beautiful user experience to match.

When choosing your AI writer, look for one that has a free trial, one that allows growth within plans, that doesn’t break the bank and one that has great support and onboarding.

If I REALLY had to choose one, it would be Writesonic. The pricing, plus user interface just can’t be matched.

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