The best at home workouts for work from home women

The best at home workouts for work from home women

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It’s been Winter here in the South (New Zealand) and with the crappy weather and COVID restrictions comes less and less opportunities for me to get outside and exercise! …

I wanted to find some fast and no fuss workouts to do at home in my breaks. I’ve rustled up these 6 super simple and easy to follow workouts from a handful of amazing YouTube fitness Queens 🙌

Be warned! They don’t mess around! … but, if you’re after a great workout, with no equipment needed and easy to follow moves… you’re in the right place.

You got this girl! 

best home workouts

20 minute HIIT workout with Natacha Océane

best at home workouts

No impact, no equipment, HIIT workout…. 5 exercises… 4 rounds…. Work, then rest! So good! 

Natacha is from the UK and her accent is cute as! You’ll love this workout as it’s short, but intense…. She even has a handy timer on screen so you can know exactly where you’re at. Be warned! It’s intense!

Natacha also has plenty of other great health and fitness advice on her channel… subscribe! 

20 Minute full body workout with Pamela Reif

workout at home

Ha ha ha love this one… “no talking” … just perfect! … no equipment, no weights…. Fast! Full body workout. With countdowns and a great soundtrack.

There’s only a couple of rest periods in this one… but if you’re fit you’ll cope just fine – or pause the video for a breather.

20 minute full body workout for beginners with Daniela Suarez

full body workout from home

Slightly easier than the first two – and I say slightly!

Daniela’s workouts are fun and varied. She also has plenty of muscle group specific videos on her channel and even a Latin Dance workout! Looks like fun! 

20 minute full body yoga routine by Yoga with Kassandra

20 minute Full body yoga routine by Yoga with Kassandra

If Yoga is your thing, then Kassandra is your girl! I’ve been a fan of her videos – especially her Yin yoga videos for a long time now. This workout is not to be sneezed at! It’s intense… but will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

This workout includes hip openers, inventions and a core workout. Ahhhhh so good! Right! ?

25 minute HIIT workout with Toni Mitchell

25 minute HIIT workout with Toni Mitchell

Fabulous music and really really motivating! I love this workout… a bit longer… but worth every minute! But… gosh she makes it look easy! Ha ha ha … and she is super funny…

Defo subscribe to Toni so she can kick your virtual butt on the regular.

15 minute Tik Tok dance party workout by MadFit

15 minute tikitok dance party workout by MadFit

Ok this one’s fantastic! Not quite 20 mins but it’s a Tik Tok workout!

Something a bit different and might just be what you need to get yourself motivated…. It’s super fun! You’ll be cracking yourself up the whole time.

IT IS HARD! So that’s your warning! If this doesn’t get you up off your chair I don’t know what will. 

Go! Get at it! You now have zero excuses to not move your butt…

Let me know how you liked these at home workouts in the comments below!

And if you find other fab at home workouts please share! 

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