What Is The Best Website Builder? — Our Top 5 Picks for 2023

What Is The Best Website Builder? — Our Top 5 Picks for 2023

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What is the best Website Builder to help get you started with an online presence? Starting a business is a whole lotta scary! But, choosing a life where you’re your own boss, paving your own way and setting your own schedule is a massive step towards financial freedom and living life on your own terms.

But, how do you get stated? How do you get people to find you? How to you start to scale your business, find customer’s, get web traffic and ultimately generate enough revenue to sustain your passion?

Whether you’re building a website for a small business or you have grander plans. You’ve got to start somewhere, and while it can feel daunting, building a website needed be hard not expensive.

Theres loads of great inexpensive, and even free website builders around that can help you get up and running fast! Whether you’re looking to launch a creator website, a business website, a blog or a business website we have the tools for you!

What to look for in a website builder?

1. SEO friendly

Make sure any website builder you choose allows you to easily add and check for SEO optimisation of both your writing and your page itself.

You want to be able to easily add meta data- like a SERP description, do a keyword check and add alt text on images.

If your website builder doesn’t help you do this- it may be time to move on, as basic SEO functionality will help you get found in Google and ultimately help you attract your perfect clients and customers.

2. A selection of easy to use and responsive templates

Most website builders offer you a selection of both free and paid templates options. Generally speaking, these are mostly all perfectly good at getting the job done.

You can make your selection based off a general search for the type of website look, feel and functionality you desire.

Make sure the website builder you choose has template options that make sense for your particular business. For instance, if you’re looking to upload your portfolio work frequently, then you’ll want an image heavy design option.

3. Ease of use

You’re most likely not a developer or designer! So, make sure your website builder does the heavy lifting for you. A Website builder should make it easy for you to quickly get your business up and online. It should take care of the little things for you and should be super easy to update.

Simple website builders may feel like they’ll be the easiest to use. But, be warned. Sometimes the simple ones have limitations on features. You’ll soon have your website up and going – then will want to make it better! An overly simple template will have serious limitations on what you can and cant do.

Check the CMS on the site you’re choosing. A CMS is a Content Management System. Is it easy for you to get your valuable connect on to your site without help?

4. Ability to monetise your website

Some website builders are simple and easy to install. And might make the grade if you are attempting to simply get a one page site up with static info on it.

But, if you want to have control over your domain name, add a shop or monetise with ads, then you need to make sure you are going for an option that both allows this, and makes it user friendly to do this.

5. Ease of content sharing

Social share functionality is vital for your website. You need to be able to easily distribute your content to get found and build your audience base.

Some website builders don’t allow you to add plugins or outside code to your website and unless they have a built in, fabulous social sharing option this may limit how you can amplify your content out through social media.

Top Website Builder Picks in 2023

1. Wordpess.org Self Hosted Website

This is by far my pick when it comes to a website builder. It’s relatively easy to use, free to download (but you then heed a host) and the possibilities are endless.

43% pf all websites use WordPress- from your smallest hobby bloggers to the largest media organisations imaginable.

Don’t get this confused with WordPress.com– which is not self hosted, has limited functionality, does not allow plugins and has a monthly cost. Wordpess.com is a site builder, but not one I recommend.

You have full control over your website with WordPress.org and can also monetise your site.

WordPress.org is open source and free to download. It can feel a wee bit tricky at first, but they also offer a builder option for an additional to $2.95 a month. Or you can grab one of their thousands of user friendly templates and go for it.

You will however need a host – this is super cheap and you can easily get started with Bluehost from $2.95 per month.

2. Canva

Canva has allowed you to make websites for a long, long time. But, they have recently upped their game! and now its possible to create a fully responsive, SEO friendly and beautifully designed for any niche.

Not only can you now design and build a website on Canva that’ll look great on any device. You can now add a custom domain, or even use a domain you already have.

They have lots of easy to use templates and you need zero design skills to implement your new site.

You can build a simple and responsive website on Canva using a free Canva account- or upgrade to Pro for more features. Canva Websites comes with your Canva Pro plan. Canva Pro started at around $19.99 per month. But if you’re making lots of social posts, pins and graphics, its totally worth it.

Not to mention Canva Pro comes with a social scheduler. Super handy.

Canva Website is a define go to if you’re a small biz, are just starting out are a not for profit or volunteer organisation or you’re wanting something super easy and quick.

3. Weebly

Great for personal or small business websites, beginner bloggers and foodies.

Weebly is pretty easy to use, it’s cost effective and has e-commerce options on higher plans. Plan pricing ranges from free (limited functionality) to $25 per month for the business plan where you also get a free domain. Plans are a bit more costly once you start adding on the ability to have a store on your website.

Weebly offers basic SEO features, plus allows you to connect Google Analytics to your site. Something you want to be able to do easily to track your progress.

But for the money, Weebly fits the budget for a small biz, who wants a web presence but no store. Or those just starting out. Their drag and drop build-ability means its a beginners dream.

4. Wix

An oldy and a goody! Wix has bee around since 2006 and has fast become synonymous with being one of the most well known and well utilised website builders.

Wix has one of the largest template libraries top choose form of any of the site builders. Choose from over 900 well thought out and stylish templates to suit your business needs.

Again, Wix offers built in SEO, email capture and marketing options, plus the ability to post easily to socials on their higher plans.

You can get started for free on Wix if you don’t mind some Wix ads and being on a Wix subdomain. Otherwise their most popular plan starts at an affordable $14.50 per month. Well worth it. If you want to sell stuff on your site, prices start going up with more functionality added.

5. GoDaddy

You’re probably more familiar with GoDaddy as a long standing place to grab a cheap domain, or you may use GoDaddy as your web host if you have a WordPress.org website. They do offer great, inexpensive domain names and hosting plans!

But, you might not know that GoDaddy also offers a Website Builder thats super intuitive and easy to use. You can get started for free or add easily your own domain, and fully customise your site or online store for a very reasonable monthly fee.

Your basic, custom domain website starts at $6.99 per month and if you want to add SEO and cart options then you move up through the plans. None are overly expensive though and I have to say Im well impressed at how GoDaddy has stayed current with themes, templates and design.

GoDaddy go out of their way to integrate amazing marketing features into their plans. You’ll not only have a site that looks great- but the options available to you to market yourself are endless. I love this!

Their websites look and operate beautifully, on any device. Are easy to build and with domains and hosting all in the one place… its really a no brainer. GoDaddy is definitely up there as one of my top choices for building your own website.

Website Builders FAQ

Best free website builder?

Canva or GoDaddy – Canva because its part of their overall Pro plan, and they know their stuff when it comes to design! GoDaddy, because they are excellent at keeping up with the latest in modern usability and you can easily upgrade when you need to.

Best website builder for small business?

WordPress.org would be my go to. It can scale with you, no matter where your business takes you. Second would be GoDaddy. Loads of options to add a cart, plus marketing and social options.

Best website builder with ecommerce?

We haven’t mentioned Spotify in the list above but they are probably the epitome of ecommerce websites. GoDaddy comes in a close second, but self hosted, if you’re game, with WordPress.org means your site is fully customisable.

Wrap Up

It’s a bit of a mind field out there when it comes to Website Builders. But, if you ensure that you’re making the decision based on whats most important for you, then you’ll be on your way to greatness!.

Think of the things that matter most to you. Themes, features, SEO, speed, cost, ability to monetise, responsiveness, support. What are your top three? What matters most to you when you think about growing your business or website.

Then pick you Website Builder accordingly.

We’ve only listed a small handful of the many that are out there. But, my top picks would be WordPress.org, Canva or GoDaddy- all for different reasons.

My main takeaway? Don’t be locked into a long contract, or locked into a site that cant grow with you. Find a Website Builder that grows with you and helps you achieve your goals.

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  • Canva to build a website, learned something new today! My favorite website builder is WordPress. It takes some time to learn how to work with it, but when you’ve figured it out, the possibilities are endless. Great article!

    • ha ha ha I know right! Canva Websites is really new.. and it suits those who are maybe creators, or small businesses, or non profits… such an easy way to get your brand online for such a great price!

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