7 Sites you should share your blog posts to today!

7 Sites you should share your blog posts to today!

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There’s a whole lot that goes into writing a blog post and once you’ve created your perfect post you want to make sure it gets maximum reach, right? We touched on how to get your blog noticed in a previous post, but now we’re about to share with you the 7 sites you should be sharing your blog content to for maximum reach and distribution. 

Apart from your typical suspects like Facebook and Pinterest, there’s a whole raft of other places to share your blog to gain reach. This is the distribution and amplification aspect to writing a blog post I have talked about previously. 

There’s aggregators- where they take a whole heap of great blogs and make it easy for people to discover great content. Aggregators make it easy for people to curate their favourite content by topic or niche -Bloglovin is an aggregator.

There’s directories where your blog is simply submitted, then searchable – like Blogarama… and finally, communities… where you can upvote and share content, like on Scoop.it. 

Having said that, a lot of these sites have more than one typical purpose or intent and tend to fall into more than one category. 

1. Boing Boing

DA 89

This directory site is the REAL McCoy! Boing Boing was first established way back in 1988 as a Zine!

If you’re old enough to remember the very early emergence of Web 2.0 and all that this opened up for the world, then this is one site you’ll absolutely love. 

The site aptly calls itself “brain candy for happy mutants” and is full of gadgets, tech and scrumptious brain food.

Boing Boing has a DA of 89! So, if nothing else you want to get your site submitted here as it’s a doozy. Easy peasy to submit, just follow their basic form and wait. That’s it. 


2. BlogLovin’

DA 93

I’m in love with Bloglovin’. It’s a fab wee spot for people to find and curate interesting blog posts. It’s so super easy. It’s literally set and forget. 

BlogLovin’ has an exceptional domain authority so well worth a look. It’s super easy to set up your blog by adding a small bit of HTML just once onto just one of your blog pages. 

You can find some awesome bloggers on here and curate your own feed to reflect your own interests. 

3. Mix 

DA 91

Mix is a tasty wee treat. If you’re super bored of Facebook and Insta… then head on over and set yourself up here. It’s a curators delight! 

Super, super easy to add your blog posts, manually. Add the extension to Chrome and you can do it straight from your site. Voila! 

I love a community where you can discover and share great writing that you never knew existed. 5 hearts for this one 💛 💛 💛 💛 💛

If you’re looking for accounts to follow on Mix… try these, 3 of my faves.

Travel and Fashion  – Travel Pockets https://mix.com/travelpockets

Food, Kids and Lifestyle – Deliciously Plated – https://mix.com/deliciouslyp

Mom & Lifestyle Stuff  – Jean Genzano https://mix.com/jeangenzano

Follow ME on MIX!

4. Scoop.it 

DA 87

Scoop.it is a clever wee site where you can upvote (thumbs up) and share content to your social networks.

You get one topic to add to with a free plan and up to 50 scoops. You can add more than 50 posts but your old posts will be deleted if you stay on the free plan, which is what I am on currently. Content is added manually on site (which is what I do)..or you can install the Chrome extension. 

5. Blog Post Vote UP 

DA 23 (don’t let this put you off, it’s so new compared to the others) 

One of my favourite newer sites, Blog Post Vote UP is a fab find. Their UI is fantastic! You add your content. One per day max. It’s free. And you can totally participate! That’s the absolute beauty of this addictive wee site. 

You can upvote on articles within niches and categories you love. See trends and add blogs to your very own curated collections. You can even comment on blogs you love. Its super interactive and really amazing quality. My new obsession right here. 

Oh! I literally just saw we are in 4th position on the top 10 trending for the past 24 hours… woo hoo! So good … ha ha ha 

See! I told you it was HOT

7 sites you should be sharing your blog content to
7 sites you should be sharing your blog content to

[UPDATE: November 2020 – Blog Post Vote Up seems to have shut their virtual doors!]

Not sure why … and I can’t seem to find any info in it.. but shall keep you updated… will be a shame if this is permanent.. they were just getting going!

6. Blog Top Sites 

DA 52

Another great directory with a DA of 52. And… yet another early web 2.0 blog directory site. Blog Top Sites has been around since before Facebook!

They describe themselves as the centre of the blogosphere, which is JUST FANTASTIC! Good old style blog fun right there folks. 

Add your blog easily with their simple form. 

7. Blogarama

DA 75

Another blog directory that’s excellent for helping to get your blog posts indexed by Google faster.

Blogarama is run by real humans and every site gets vetted before being added. Its free, or you can upgrade to some pretty cheap plans. To add your blog you simply sign up for a listing, then apply. 

The main thing to remember with these community sites is that the more you put in the more you’ll get out. Blogging communities are about helping each other out.

Get involved, discover great content, curate your own collections. It’s all about being a part of a wider, greater thing. Dumping your own content and running is not the way to get the best out of these platforms! 

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