Brainstorm your next big idea with new Canva Whiteboards

Brainstorm your next big idea with new Canva Whiteboards

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Canva just keeps coming out with the goods and this one’s fantastic! If you run your own team, no matter how big or small Canva Whiteboards is the tool for you!

Fresh off the line Canva’s latest feature offers a place for you and/or your team to brainstorm and develop new ideas and turn concepts into action!

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What is Canva Whiteboards?

Canva Whiteboards gives you a place to brainstorm big ideas! Packed full of great features this new tool gives you a collaborative space to build ideas into reality. Brimming with great templates, a full content library, incredible shapes and even a timer for those group sessions, Canva Whiteboards is the place go to mindmap your next project.

Stickers, voting graphics and shapes and lines are all included in this new free feature from Canva.

See additions with colourful cursors, track progress and track questions and comments easily. Canva’s drag and drop editor makes mind mapping fun! Not to mention the ability to react using emojis or stickers!

Best yet? You don’t need to spend extra money on tools like Miro to start brainstorming your next idea!

Is Canva Whiteboards free?

Canva’s new tool is a FREE feature on Canva! You get the full version of this feature with a free version of Canva. Canva Whiteboards is available for desktop, web and mobile. Grab your free Canva account here.

You can easily upgrade to Canva Pro (for very little per month) to get access to the full library of over 100million images, videos and audio tracks if you need to as well.

To get started, simply create a presentation in your Canva account- right click anywhere on the template- then click expand to whiteboard. Voila! you now have your digital whiteboard at the ready. Drag and drop sticky notes, shapes, assets, anything you need to get the creative juices flowing!

You can also access the whiteboard feature on your Canva homepage main dash.

Canva Whiteboards as a Miro alternative

Digtial whiteboard apps (or, Online Whiteboards) are the bomb when it comes to mapping out your ideas as a new business owner… or for using as a brainstorming canvas for your team. Essential for remote teams or even for those of us who are forming new teams with our small businesses.

But what platform is better?

Miro has a very limited free version. No countdown timer and limited spaces for collaboration. Canva’s digital whiteboard is free!

If you’re looking for a mind mapping tool or you want a free whiteboard tool that gives you all the features, then this is your go to. I’ve used both, and in my opinion, Canva is the better option. Easier to use, better options and smoother transitions.

Canva Whiteboards offers an inspiring space to create.

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