How to edit videos online for free – Canva Video Suite

How to edit videos online for free – Canva Video Suite

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Video is definitely where it’s at right now and even in my “other job”, I’m always looking for new ways to efficiently edit, record and collaborate on projects that require video footage.

From video ads to teasers and product demos, I’m making videos on the daily. And, Canva has just made my life SOOO much easier! As always, Canva have done a magnificent job of launching their latest product offering – Canva Video Suite.

Not only does Canva Video Suite help you create beautiful video content, a must have if you’re a marketer, blogger or business owner – it also allows you to collaborate on video projects and comes fully stocked with an extensive media library. So, you don’t have to worry about jumping between websites and online platforms to find all your assets. They are all in one place!

I have literally stopped using sites like Shutterstock for my photo assets since switching to Canva Pro – and even a few of my favourites like Unsplash and Pexels have felt somewhat neglected of late. I simply don’t need them anymore. So, I’ll be super interested to see if Canva Video Suite offers the same level of usefulness when it comes to their media library. So far, it’s proving to be pretty impressive.

Their simple user interface makes designing all your content in one place, on any device a pure pleasure. Jump in and try it – you’ll LOVE it!

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Video from Canva

How much does Canva’s new Video Suite cost?

Canva’s new video editor makes creating video content simple, fun and free! Yup, free. Just like all things Canva – you can create, download and share for free. There are of course upgrades on offer, just like when you create any other assets in Canva.

Magic resize (a pro feature) lets you auto-magically resize your videos for any purpose. One of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE features of Canva in general. Whether that be for YouTube, a social post, TikTok or a story for Instagram. It literally does the hard work for you. And is something that I use on the daily. I literally create one size then magic it into all the aspects I need. So simple. So fast! Saves me a bunch of time. No joke.

Some of the video templates are also Pro- but there is a tonne of of free templates to choose from as well. And, of course you have full access to all the videos and imagery you could ever possibly need.

Scene based editing in new Canva Video Suite

So, if you’re used to creating video content on other platforms like Animoto or Biteable- you’ll find Canva’s interface super simple. In fact, if you’re familiar creating presentations even, Canva’s scene based interface will be a breeze to get the hang of. It’s a drag and drop kind of deal and easy peasy to get the hang of.

How to get started with Canva’s online video editing:

Choose a template, upload your own content or choose from the bagillions of options available in Canva. Edit, trim, animate, add a soundtrack and (if you like) collaborate on your design- then download it as an MP4, link to share (and review) and voila! You’re so done!

Edit videos online for free

There’s loads of free bits and pieces in Canva to get your video game started and if you’re a Pro user– there’s even more choice! (I’m a Pro user – I’ve simply found the small monthly cost to be overwhelmingly worth the money.)

You can choose from thousands of fully customisable, free video templates and millions of clips on Canva to make your TikTok videos, YouTube videos, Instagram stories and Reels, and more. Videos are made to look great on any size screen, whether mobile or desktop.

You can download your videos as an MP4, create a link to view the video on Canva and even publish your videos directly to your favourite social channel- Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, using Canva’s content scheduler.

I’m bloody excited that Canva has moved further into this space. Launching their first free video editing offering in 2019, they have now upped the game massively making this type of content creation even more accessible for non designy folks (like myself …ahem) … the new interface is super smooth, easy to learn and massively intuitive. A breeze to create, collaborate and share your video projects online.

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