Canva real time collaboration is here!

Canva real time collaboration is here!

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If you’re working with outside designers, have a VA (virtual assistant) to help with Pin designs (hello), a social media or community manager or have a co-founder, or even a small team in your small business you know how GREAT it is if you can collaborate on documents, designs and presentations… I tend to use Google Docs a lot with writers and guest posters and contractors. This way – I can collab in real time with other people and get to the crux of a project super fast.

Well. It’s design level up time. Now Canva has JUST fully released its newest feature. Canva real-time collaboration!

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Collaborate with team members on Canva

You can now collaborate with others in your team in real time! This is a major game changer for Canva and a massive push into new territory. I’m so, so stoked they have finally fully launched this new feature this week. Particularly useful, is collaborating on the design process when it comes to a presentation or slide deck. You can share real time edits with team members and get your presentation ship shape in no time! Each team member or department contributing in real time to the live document.

The best news ever is that now you can collaborate with your team wayyyy cheaper…. Canva’s new team pricing means you can pay one price for up to 5 team members!

Canva recently announced their new funding round of over US$71M, bringing the valuation of the company to around US$15 billion ! That’s definitely a unicorn – and a bloody great one.

With a plan to almost double their user based from 50 million to 1 billion this year, Canva’s announcement of their new feature release is a massive step in the right direction. Yay Canva!

“Real time collaboration is the ultimate creative collaboration tool” and we tend to agree!

Real time collaboration is now available for everyone in Canva. You can now co-create and see changes as they happen without the risk of losing your contributions.

No matter how small you may feel your business is… you can now use Canva to collab in real time! No back and forth with team members, designers and VA’s! So good!

This feature is optimized for web and mobile and you can easily see who’s working on the design by the clever colour coding and name displays.

How to collaborate on Canva

To get started building our presentation or design with real time collaboration, simply click the share button at the top of your screen. You can then choose to allow those you share your design with to either view or to edit the design.

screenshot real time collaboration canva

Your friend 🙂 will get an invite in their inbox… all they need to do is click the link… “Open in Canva”

screenshot canva

Once your collab partner has clicked your link, and logged into their account – they’ll then see the editor appear and can begin collaborating with you! You’ll even see where they are at and what they are doing! so, so good!

So, stop wasting time with emails and drop boxes and going back and forth with team members, designers, VA’s and business partners. Easily share your presentations and other designs with your team today with Canva!

As simple as Google docs, Canva real time collaboration lets you work on your designs in real time, together.

Make your life even simpler by upgrading to Canva Pro… where you can utilise cool tools like the magic resize feature, get access to heaps of great images, and even create a brand kit for your team where you can save your brand colours and fonts, to save you even more time! I adore my brand kit! it gives me options to jump in and get the right colours and brand logos without having to think about where these things are stored.

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