ChatSonic Review – The ChatGPT (better) alternative

ChatSonic Review – The ChatGPT (better) alternative

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ChatGPT (and Chatbot) madness abounds, and there is a theory and an opinion from almost every quarter when it comes to AI writers. But ChatGPT is definitely mainstream now. And, more and more businesses, marketers, makers and creators are trying this great new tool.

Theres no denying that AI writers, and specifically ChatGPT are changing how we do things.

Content creation has made a massive shift and there are so, so many positives to take into consideration when we think about AI tools to assist us with our content creation.

But, what happens when ChatGPT creates a Pro plan only? Where do you go for AI content that is better (more accurate, more up to date) than ChatGPT and, which software is better aligned to help you achieve your goals when all is said and done?

There is over 6600 collective searches per month for the question what is chatbots? People are desperate to find out what chatbots are and how to use them.

Enter- ChatSonic. Like ChatGPT. Just better. (Much, much better!)

Disclaimer: This post contains links, that if clicked, and you make a purchase, or start a trial, I may make a small commission, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I 🧡

What is ChatSonic?

ChatSonic is a revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) writing assistant that helps writers create high-quality content quickly and easily. It can be used to create everything from blog posts to essays and emails.

ChatSonic uses natural language processing (NLP) technology to analyze a user’s writing and suggest improvements. The AI is designed to understand the context and tone of a piece of writing, and provide writers with meaningful and accurate feedback.

ChatSonic is powered by a proprietary AI technology that was developed by a team of experts in the fields of natural language processing, machine learning, and AI. This technology enables the AI to rapidly analyze a piece of writing, identify and correct errors, and suggest improvements to make the writing better.

You can also use ChatSonic to check for grammar and punctuation errors, and suggest improvements that can help to make a piece of writing more readable.

Plus, you can use ChatSonic to help create content for your websites, blogs, and other marketing collateral.

In addition to helping businesses create content, ChatSonic can also be used to generate creative content such as stories, poems, and even songs. The AI is programmed to understand the context of a piece of writing and can use its NLP and AI capabilities to generate creative content that reads as if it had been written by a human.

Why choose ChatSonic over ChatGPT?

The knowledge cut off for ChatGPT is September 2021. That’s a big issue for many AI users. ChatSonic on the other hand provides up to date and accurate real time data. ChatSonic also uses Google integrated search, so you know your info is up to date!

Plus, ChatSonic also has the massive advantage of being able to understand voice commands. Just like Siri!

Better yet, ChatSonic uses NPL to understand voice commands which makes it super efficient and easy to use.

You can also personalise your own avatar. with ChatSonic. And, ChatSonic responds to your tone of voice!

Need visual assets? No problemo, ChatSonic helps you create original digital artworks in seconds! It’s seriously amazing. We tried several variations and each came out pretty wonderful!

Once complete, you can download your ChatSonic conversations either as word or PDF docs and can even generate links to share your work with others. Great for teams or collab’s with others.

Sharing your work to social networks is also easy with ChatSonic’s sharing capabilities. Simply click the download icon top right of your dashboard to open the sharing options.

Easily share to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit or What’s app.

Wanting and AI assistant on the go? WriteSonic has developed a free Android app that makes AI writing on the go easy and accessible.

Finally, if you’re not already convinced! ChatSonic also has a Chrome extension! Making is easy to find the information you’re looking for right there alongside Google.

This feature is one that blew my mind. It’s a real life integration of a really powerful tool into a workflow we all use daily. SUPER POWERFUL!

Is ChatSonic free? Yes! You can use ChatSonic for free by signing up to Writesonic. You get a generous amount of queries each day for free with ChatSonic. Super cool!

Best Alternatives to ChatGPT

The 3 best alternatives to ChatGPT are:

1. ChatSonic

2. Jasper Chat by Jasper

3. YouChat

Other popular ChatGPT alternatives are Chinchilla, Bloom, LaMDA, DialoGPT and YouChat AI. These chatbot alternatives offer a range of features that surpass ChatGPT’s limitations.

Additionally, there are more than 25 other alternatives to ChatGPT, including websites and apps for a variety of platforms such as SaaS, Google Chrome, etc.

Wrap Up

ChatGPT might be the talk of the town right now, but there are definitely alternatives out there that are not only just as good, but potentially better. ChatSonic is definitely up there in terms of features and the speed at which updates and additional adds on are being built. If you’re looking for a free, accurate and up to date alternative to ChatGPT then ChatSonic should definitely be at the top of your list.

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