200+ Christmas Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche!

200+ Christmas Blog Post Ideas For Every Niche!

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It’s never too early to start thinking about the most wonderful time of the year! And it’s never too early as a blogger to start thinking about your Christmas blogging wrap up, Christmas blogging roundup or creating your Christmas Blogmas blog posts.

In fact. If you start now, you’ll only need to write one holiday themed blog post per week until December!

So … if you are planning on doing Christmas themed blog posts … or are hoping to do Blogmas (or Vlogmas) this year you’ll nearly have a full set of posts ready! Woopie! So good.

Disclaimer: This post contains links, that if clicked, and you make a purchase, or start a trial, I may make a small commission, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I 🧡

First off let’s start with what is Blogmas?… and why you should be doing it as a blogger?

What is Blogmas?

Any blogger can do blogmas. It’s all about Christmas blogging. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in… Beauty, Travel, Parenting, Fashion, Lifestyle… even Business and Blogging! There’s a Blogmas just for you! 

Blogmas is when great bloggers, like you… post one Christmas blog post a day relating to the holiday season starting from the 1st of December and finishing up on Christmas day – 25 Christmas blog posts. Any blogger can do this! It’s fun and it can be great for your traffic, there are however a few caveats. 

If you don’t think you can quiiiitttee commit to the full 25 days… Just do the 2021 Blogmas Lite edition… Blogmas LITE is simply 12 days of Christmas… just as good, and it may mean you can concentrate on longer, more in depth and meaningful content for your readers. 

If you’re smart… you can pre write and schedule your Blogmas content calendar in advance! So, you’re not scrambling last minute… win win win. With pre written content, you can even get your Holiday season socials all lined up and scheduled (I use Canva to schedule all my social posts, super super simple and cheap!) and not have to think about it while you’re on a beach, grilling the BBQ, hitting the ski slopes, eating Xmas pud…. 🤣

Why should I do Blogmas? 

If you start now, you’ll nearly have a full set of Christmas blog posts ready for blogmas! That way you’ll not get distracted, nor lacking in ideas or enthusiasm.

Plus, life gets in the way sometimes! Just know that if you partake in Blogmas you’ll likely not see the big results in traffic until possibly next holiday season. Giving Google time to index and rank your fabulous posts. However! If you have a fabulous D&A strategy, then you might just do spectacularly well on your first season.

Pro tip: Use a fabulous tool like Jasper to help your write better, more SEO friendly blog titles and headers ➡️

What sort of Christmas posts should I publish?

The sky’s the limit! Of course it depends a lot on what niche you’re in. Any niche is a good niche! 

  • Parenting/ kids
  • Travel
  • Fashion
  • Business/ Work from home mommas
  • Beauty
  • Lifestyle
  • Home
  • Craft
  • Food + Drink (ahem… This one’s a no brainer at Christmas for Blogmas right!) 

If you take your particular niche and think about what your readers will be looking for during the holiday season then bingo! You’ve got your Blogmas list! This will differ greatly from niche to niche. But remember…. You can cross pollinate! … 

For instance… home decor/ DIY bloggers might have a content calendar full of crafty ideas to decorate your home… then…decorate on a budget… Decorate with kids…. DIY decorations to make with kids… etc… you don’t need to stick specifically to one niche… Branch out! … do the trifecta! Holiday decorating on a budget with kids! 

Christmas Blogger Photos

You’ve written your post, its really good! You’re heading towards the finish line but what about images? What about photos to add that extra touch to your Christmas blog posts!?

Two of my favourites sites for Christmas blogger photos are Unsplash and Pexels. But before you go searching! .. Wait!… I’ve found 12 amazing images for you below … they’re free! (it’s always nice to credit the artist though!). Head on over to download the collection here.

Christmas themes and content ideas for bloggers:

  1. Content for Christmas – books, podcasts, Netflix, movies
  2. Gift ideas (duh…) … for him… for her… for kids… for teens…for granny
  3. Budgeting … travel… gifts… food
  4. Decor and Decorations for the holiday season
  5. Food! .. and drink ideas … add allergy friendly food ideas… and restrictions 
  6. Traveling tips … for kids… for solo travelers… for couples … for COVID 19
  7. Guest/expert posts on your niche
  8. Favourites lists … favourite books… favourite beauty hauls … favourite blogs 
  9. Traditions….
  10. Self care and how to navigate stress at Christmas time

Pros and Cons of Christmas Blogging

Pros of doing Christmas blog posts

  • Blog traffic! It’s what we all want after all 
  • Get new subscribers – mmmhmmm 
  • Reach a new audience… you might find a network of folks who are loving your new content
  • Content! You’ve literally got content planned for days! Just make it good! 
  • Getting likes and comments- people are generally happy and generous during the holiday season! 

Cons of doing Christmas blog posts

  • Spending December planning and writing every single day! … unless… you plan now! 
  • Not seeing traffic or rankings till Google indexes you after holiday season
  • Boring your audience with mindless content (hint: don’t do this

So, I’m here to help you. I’ve whipped up 8 lists of Christmas 2022 content ideas for you depending on your niche. Go wild! Have fun! There’s 25 ideas in each category… just in case you feel like doing the full thing! 

Christmas content ideas for Fashion Bloggers

  1. 10 of the cutest holiday jumpers you’ll ever buy
  2. Christmas day pyjamas for the whole family 
  3. Party wear ideas for the holiday season 
  4. Ugly holiday sweater roundup post
  5. Holiday party bag/ clutch picks 
  6. How to look sparkly with style these holidays
  7. Get ready with me – NYE/ Christmas day/ holiday party
  8. Best Winter/ Summer accessories to go with dresses/ sweater/ coats 
  9. What your favourite fashion bloggers are wearing for Christmas 
  10. How to repurpose an old/ thrift store outfit into a holiday delight 
  11. 6 stunning party LBD’s for nighttime party fun 
  12. 15 favourite Winter/ Summer fashion trends for the holidays 
  13. Cutest holiday footwear for 2021
  14. Festive slippers and pyjama top picks for couples
  15. Pinterest style favourites for 2021
  16. Christmas shopping haul
  17. Where to find the best NYE party dress deals
  18. How to organize your sweaters / wardrobe for Winter
  19. Cute looks for every holiday party or occasion
  20. Christmas party shows you must have
  21. Shopping tips for boxing day sales
  22. How to style: your Christmas jumper/ LBD/ NYE outfit
  23. End of year beauty favourites 
  24. Top 5 holiday beauty products giveaway 
  25. Holiday jewelry haul 

Grab your free, printable Christmas Content Planner for Fashion Bloggers here.

Christmas content ideas for Beauty Bloggers

  1. Top 5 lip glosses on every beauty bloggers Christmas wish list 
  2. Quick and easy holiday makeup ideas
  3. Stocking fillers for the makeup obsessed sibling
  4. Candy cane lip tricks
  5. Winter/ Summer holiday season beauty pampering 
  6. What’s on my Christmas beauty wishlist?
  7. 25 Christmas makeup looks 
  8. Winter/Summer eyeshadows ideas 
  9. Holiday season DIY face masks
  10. How to style hair extensions for gorgeous Christmas day locks 
  11. Decadent hair care gift ideas
  12. Winter hairstyles to wear with hats
  13. Beauty stocking fillers under $25 
  14. How to keep your skin glowing this Winter/ Summer
  15. How to make your own scented lip gloss 
  16. My picks – skincare/ grooming gifts for guys
  17. 15 best festive fragrances to buy your honey
  18. Top 10 foods for skin and hair to get your holiday glow on 
  19. Your post Christmas skin detox recipe
  20. 5 Holiday nail art ideas
  21. Holiday NOTD, OOTD (Nails/outfit of the day)
  22. My favourite Christmas Lush/ Sephora products to gift this year 
  23. Christmas day beauty tips 
  24. Best holiday beauty dupes 
  25. Christmas beauty gift guide for moms/ mom in laws

Grab your free, printable Christmas Content Planner for Beauty Bloggers here.

Christmas content ideas for Business Bloggers

  1. Holiday wish list for the blogger in your family
  2. How to balance your business during the holiday season
  3. Hot gift ideas for creatives
  4. 7 must listen to podcasts for entrepreneurs 
  5. How to avoid holiday burnout as a work from home mom 
  6. How to plan your content for the holidays 
  7. Free 2021 planner/ content scheduler/ journal prompts
  8. 6 books for female entrepreneurs to read over the holidays 
  9. Give away your/ other bloggers products – 12 days of Christmas gifts
  10. How to make great holiday flat lay shots and videos 
  11. 35 best holiday Instagram hashtags for maximum business growth 
  12. 6 ways you can help your fellow bloggers this holiday season
  13. How to work from home during the holidays
  14. 5 productivity tips for business wonders during the silly season  
  15. How to attract a seasonal holiday audience to your blog 
  16. 25 things you’re aiming for in 2022
  17. 12 days of Christmas – productivity apps/ business tools/ tips 
  18. 25 inspiring female entrepreneurs to follow on Insta/ Twitter
  19. Gift guide for the business woman/ entrepreneur in your life
  20. Free printables to help your readers get organized/ stay sane/ practice self care over the holiday season
  21. Trends (for your industry) for 2022 
  22. 12 day holiday challenge… start a blog/ social challenge/ SEO challenge
  23. Naughty and nice list for business practices/ SEO techniques/ content tips
  24. My 2022 business wish list 
  25. Share your family’s best cookie recipe/ family tradition  

Get your free, printable Christmas Content Planner for Business Bloggers here.

Christmas content ideas for Mom/ Parenting/ Family Bloggers

  1. 24 Christmas story time ideas for toddlers
  2. 12 Christmas songs for kids – that won’t drive you round the bend
  3. Gifts for the pooch/ kitteh who has everything 
  4. Prompts for writing a Christmas story together 
  5. Outdoor fun ideas for Christmas day 
  6. How to create a plastic free Christmas in your home 
  7. Easy paper Christmas crafts for kids 
  8. 20 gifts for your college kids 
  9. How to make and decorate your own gingerbread house 
  10. 12 super stunning gift ideas under $20/ $50
  11. Family car trip playlist- that won’t drive you mad 
  12. 6 inspiring podcasts to keep parents sane over the holiday season 
  13. 5 favourite films to share from your childhood with your kids! 
  14. How to teach your kids how to write a thank you note
  15. How to childproof/ dog proof/ cat proof your Christmas decor
  16. How to start your own Christmas eve traditions 
  17. Winter/ Summer science experiments to do with kids 
  18. Easy holiday treats to make with the kids 
  19. Tips for talking to your kids about Santa! 
  20. 10 ways to teach children to give back these holidays
  21. How to save money on your Christmas grocery bill 
  22. How to make magical reindeer food that Rudolph will love 
  23. Lunchbox treats for the holiday season 
  24. Stress busters for kids during the silly season
  25. Christmas care package ideas for college kids 

Grab your free printable here – Christmas Content Planner for Mom/ Parenting Bloggers.

Christmas content ideas for Lifestyle/ Wellness/ Health/ Self Care Bloggers

  1. 7 self care ideas for busy moms during the holiday season 
  2. 12 days of Christmas movies with your honey 
  3. How to be an eco friendly Christmas giver 
  4. 24 days of gratitude 
  5. 10 ways to serve your community this holiday season 
  6. Holiday gift ideas for every budget
  7. How to take care of your mental health during the silly season
  8. Local or handmade gift ideas for the holidays 
  9. 10 of the best holiday window displays in your town/ the US/ the world 
  10. How to create a minimalist Christmas
  11. 5 steps to finding your inner calm this holiday season
  12. How to stress less and enjoy more this holiday season
  13. 12 holiday gift ideas for the eco conscious/ minimalist 
  14. Christmas workouts for the overindulged
  15. How to create a wasteless Christmas 
  16. How to wrap your gifts without waste this Christmas 
  17. 10 habits to break this holiday season 
  18. 20 non-gift gifts for your loved ones 
  19. What to do when Christmas is stressful/ sad for you 
  20. 12 best holiday essential oils to uplift your spirits and create memories 
  21. How to say no to sugary treats this Christmas 
  22. 12 journal prompts for gratitude 
  23. 5 podcasts/ TED talks every mom needs this Christmas 
  24. Gift guide for introverts
  25. How to reboot your energy for the year ahead

Grab your free, printable Christmas Content Planner for Lifestyle Bloggers here.

Christmas content ideas for DIY/ Craft / Home/ Decor Bloggers

  1. Christmas decoration haul post
  2. How to make your very own pinecone wreath 
  3. Simple paper straw Christmas trees for kids 
  4. How to style your dinner table for Christmas
  5. What to look for in a real Christmas tree that lasts
  6. DIY gift guide for toddlers
  7. How to decorate a welcoming guest room for visitors this Christmas 
  8. How to make your own sparkly Christmas tree baubles 
  9. DIY Advent calendar template 
  10. 12 best Winter/ Summer decor books and magazines
  11. Simple miniature tree ideas for space conscious decorators 
  12. Christmas colouring in printable for kids 
  13. How to make your own gorgeous holiday cards 
  14. How to recycle your old Christmas cards into super cute tree ornaments
  15. How to make a Christmas wreath 
  16. Top Pinterest craft fails for 2021
  17. 5 Christmas knitting/ crochet/ patterns to try
  18. MYO Christmas Eve surprise boxes 
  19. 16 back to school crafts that kids will love
  20. 12 ridiculously easy wall decorations that will transform your lounge/ hallway 
  21. Free Christmas printable gift tags/ cards
  22. 10 top scented candles for the holidays 
  23. How to make super cute Santa and Reindeer finger puppets
  24. Best easy to make holiday sewing patterns 
  25. DIY holiday costume ideas 

Get your free Christmas Content Planner for DIY/ Craft Bloggers here.

Christmas content ideas for Travel Bloggers

  1. 21 things to do in your city/town on Christmas break
  2. Create your holiday bucket travel list for families 
  3. How to make the best combi/ backpacker Christmas dinner while traveling
  4. 12 best gift ideas for the traveler in your life
  5. How to spend Christmas alone on the top of a mountain
  6. What to do for Christmas in New York/ New Zealand/ New Hampshire 
  7. The 20 best places to spend Christmas this year 
  8. How to say happy holidays in 20 different languages
  9. 16 of the best travel gift ideas for kids 
  10. Where to find the best Christmas pub meal in London/ Chicago/ Perth
  11. Where my travel blogging friends are spending their Christmas this year 
  12. How to overcome homesickness during Christmas overseas
  13. Christmas and New Year tips for solo travelers 
  14. Mini travel gifts for the wanderer in your life
  15. How to travel with your in laws/ kids/ pets during Christmas vacation 
  16. How to plan a holiday trip with a big family group
  17. Luxury Christmas travel ideas for the family
  18. 5 places to avoid visiting during December 
  19. How to pack for a holiday season trip 
  20. The top 20 Christmas foods you must try in Switzerland/ Ireland/ Italy
  21. 10 of the best beaches in the world to spend Christmas at 
  22. How to make the most of Christmas in a new country 
  23. How to survive a long haul holiday flight with kids 
  24. Hotel holiday hacks for Christmas travelers 
  25. Top 20 destinations for a cozy Winter getaway

Get your free printable Christmas Content Planner for Travel Bloggers here.

Christmas content ideas for Food Bloggers

  1. Vegetarian/vegan turkey alternatives for Christmas 
  2. How to avoid processed food and takeaways this holiday season 
  3. Christmas dinner leftover recipes ideas 
  4. Christmas detox diet for food lovers 
  5. Cinnamon and champagne pancakes (for the adults!) 
  6. Gift ideas for the foodie in your life 
  7. Dairy free/ Gluten free/ Refined sugar free Christmas treat ideas 
  8. Holiday decorations you can eat! 
  9. 5 fabulous eggnog recipes that will knock your Christmas socks off 
  10. Delicious non alcoholic Christmas drinks for the whole family 
  11. 24 handmade treats as gift ideas 
  12. Healthy (ish) cookie recipes for kids
  13. Family Christmas breakfast treats
  14. How to impress your guests, 7 simple and sweet desserts for Christmas lunch 
  15. 10 of the most delicious holiday cocktails
  16. 5 tasty Christmas cookie ideas 
  17. Cute Christmas tree cupcake ideas 
  18. Winter/ Summer pizza ideas 
  19. Winter slow cooker recipes to feed your guests
  20. The simplest and tastiest GF/DF/fruit free Christmas cake recipe 
  21. 7 food blogger friends favourite holiday recipes 
  22. Easiest Christmas potluck dinner recipes 
  23. The 3 most perfect Christmas stuffing recipes ever 
  24. Christmas cookware/ cooking accessories wish list
  25. Outdoor BBQ tips for Winter/ Summer holidays 

Grab your printable Christmas Content Planner for Food Bloggers here.

Remember to make sure you’re optimising your Blogmas 2021 content properly! Check out my SEO guide for bloggers here. Research your keywords and make sure your metadata is on point. That way you’ll make the most out of this seasonal content! 

Want help coming up with meta descriptions that will help you rank well on Google? One of my favourite blogging tools, Jasper, can help! Jasper can help you write SEO friendly title tags and meta descriptions super fast! And the best news is that it’ll save you heaps of time, and HELP YOU RANK! Grab 10,000 free credits on me here!

Looking for lifestyle blog post ideas? Check out my popular post here.

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