Design AND print directly on Canva!

Design AND print directly on Canva!

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Did you know that you can design AND print on Canva? … ummm I didn’t! I’ve been using Canva for such a long, long time and I never tried this feature until last week! Duh… where has this been all my life!

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So, you don’t have to bother downloading files, and then resending emails to your printers and fluffing around with invoices and delivery and comms… you can simply create your design… business cards (they even do rounded corner business cards!!!! OMG, so cool) , rack cards, thank you notes, postcards… anything! IN CANVA! … then click PRINT… oh my lord!

rounded corner business cards

So, I guess this is somewhat of a Canva Print review. While I’m not a big review lover… I do like to get an honest opinion on a product I’m thinking of using, especially if it’s an online product… so, here is my first review! And in true review fashion… my star rating? It’s a definite 5/5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for Canva Print!

Its cheap… I paid $27 for a batch of 50 double sided postcards. You can choose your finish, your paper options … and size.

They then literally walk you through all the steps necessary to check that your bleed is correct and no imagery or text will get cut off! … they have thought of everything! They allow you to print a PDF to check your grammar and any typos… good move! Then they SHIP THEM TO YOU FREE!!!!!!!

And even with all the border shenanigans that are currently going on mine arrived in a very timely fashion.

You may think that I’m a little over excited about printing … and well, damn! yes, Barbera I am!

I literally did not leave my desk to do this… nor did I leave the Canva platform… ONE PLACE! A one stop shop.

If you’re not convinced about how simple it is to both design and order all your printing requirements directly from Canva.. take a look at the video I took when the postcards arrived! …. 💛

I’ve just discovered you can also do tee shirts, mugs etc etc… which is cool… but I’ll be using this for my work swag… rack cards, business cards and postcards to go with gifts we send out.

It may be the nostalgia talking, but they had me at that product box where I could literally keep my prized postcards in…. It reminded me of my Holly Hobbie writing set I treasured as a child…. and oh… this is just perfection!

Could not be happier! 💛

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