Forget Facebook, you should share your blog posts to this fabulous site

Forget Facebook, you should share your blog posts to this fabulous site

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Facebook favours Groups. And that’s cool. Bloggers have long known the benefits of joining and participating in Facebook Blogger Groups. But, there are definitely other amazing platforms that bloggers should know about. Pinterest is awesome for reach, and Instagram can help you build trust with your audience, but you should share your blog posts to this fabulous site. 

I’ve long been a fan of creating communities around common interests and allowing people to discover and share unique and inspiring content that doesn’t require an algorithm hack on google! And platforms like Mix are just that. 

A curators dream, Mix uses semantic and social signals to serve up the best content for your interests.

How bloggers can use MIX to generate more traffic to their blog (1)

The biggest benefit of Mix? It’s meaningful! So, if you’re a content creator or a content consumer you can be sure you’re going to get results you want. Not what Google wants you to have. 

Mix profile page

How to Build community around your niche on Mix

So, you might have heard that it’s important teo post mainly your own content to Pinterst in order to get the click through you want to your blog. Mix is a little different. They recommend that you maintain a 20/80 ratio… adding 80% other people’s content to your collections and 20% of your own. 

You might be thinking.. ugh… that sucks. But wait! No it doesn’t! … Mix is all about becoming the expert on a related field. You become an expert not by pushing only your own content but providing value to your followers and audience by discovering and sharing content that will inspire. 

Want to be known as the go to person for say, using Pinterest for your blog? Then make sure you are unbiased and finding the best content there is to share. People will start to follow you and you’ll soon become the go to person for this topic… mixing in your own fab content to delight your audience! 

Start by finding someone you might know or recognise on Mix. And then click their following or followed list. You will no doubt find great people there to start following and building your tribe. 

Follow topics, collections and people that are in your niche. If you’ve set up your profile to be niche specific, you’ll no doubt get a follow back. Mixers are a friendly bunch 🙂 

Build your shop front

Think of Mix as a boulevard… people are strolling by … looking for inspiration and that one thing to catch their eye! So, make sure both your profile and your collections pop! 

From an SEO point of view ensure you’re adding in great titles that both inspire and catch your preferred audience.. But also make them fun. Make sure your profile contains specific words that people might try search for when looking for topics in your niche.

Then the fun begins! 

Mix is HIGHLY visual. Kinda like Pinterest. SO, make sure you have your profile pimped out! … I like to create both my profile cover and my collections banner image in Canva. 

Let me tell you exactly how I do it! 

How to make a Mix collection banner in Canva

I have a Pro Canva account, but the free Canva option will let you do everything you need for this!

  • Head over to Canva
  • Click custom dimensions
  • Enter 4500 x 768 px
  • This is the ideal dimensions for a Mix collection banner
Create a Mix Collection Banner on Canva
  • Click Create design
  • Look 👀 to your LEFT ⬅️
  • There you’ll find all sorts of design styles to choose from to suit your brand!! 

I use this one ⬇️ as the basis for my banners.

  • I then scour Unsplash (my fave free stock images website) and pull out images suitable for a particular theme… like Blogging Tips for instance… 
  • Use the UPLOAD tab on the left hand sidebar to upload the images you would like to use.
  • If you want text on your banner simply click Text on the sidebar. 
  • Drag the images you want to your banner.
How to make a Mix banner
  • Download the new banner to your computer.
  • Head over to Mix and go to the collection you want to spruce up! 
  • Click Edit then add your new banner! Voila! 
  • You can also adjust your main cover image here and title and description. 
Create a banner for a Mix collection

Your finished product will look something like this

Mix Collection Banner

Beautiful! 💕

How do I add content to Mix? 

Super easy! Mix has a Chrome and a Firefox extension button that you can add to your browser. 

Using the + button on the Mix extension you can easily add fabulous web discoveries to your mix profile. You can also choose which collection to add your discovery to. 

Minimalist baker mix extension example

Want to create a new collection on the fly?


Just add your new collection in the search bar at the top. 

How to add a new collection to mix

Mix is relatively new (notwithstanding Stumbleupon moved over to Mix)… but give it a go.. It was launched in 2018 so it is still growing! .. but bear with it.

I once had to wait for an invite to a new platform that was pretty cool and would help me plan holidays and store ideas for recipes! … and you know what… being an early adopter of Pinterest was one of the best things I ever did… Ditto Twitter 🙂 

So, now is the time to get into the platform. I personally think that being one of the early-ish adopters of a new platform holds massive benefits for the user.

Pinterest favours accounts that have history… mine is literally 10 years old! You can, and you should acquire your username if nothing else! Especially if you are very niche.

You want to get that niche specific handle before anyone else does right! Think of Twitter or even domain names and how important it is to secure your handle. 

Remember, the more you use it the more intuitive it gets for you. 

So curate your heart out girl! 

Forget Facebook - you should be sharing your blog posts to this fabulous site

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