How to use Facebook Groups to grow your blog

How to use Facebook Groups to grow your blog

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There’s a tonne of advice out there about how to grow your blog, but not many are talk about community and the immense power of tapping into a group of likeminded writers!

Maybe you’re at your wits end with Facebook? Or Instagram? Fear not! You can easily use Facebook Groups to grow your blog, make some new friends and find support in these generous and helpful communities. 

Why are Facebook Groups useful to bloggers?

Facebook is the bane of many business owners’ existence! Facebook pages seem to be dead and it’s increasingly difficult to get any sort of engagement from a business page. But, Facebook Groups are different! And Facebook seems to be moving towards a community based platform. As it should be imo. 

Facebook Groups for Bloggers are highly active and engaging communities within Facebook where you can meet other like minded bloggers, share your work, ask questions and get support. There are usually multiple opportunities to get feedback and share your latest content or social post each week and these threads are mainly incredibly active and very supportive. 

Done right, Facebook Groups for bloggers are a powerful way to find other bloggers in your niche, get your content distributed and find your tribe!

Why you need to be joining facebook groups

Tips for Choosing and Using Facebook Groups…

  • Choose groups where you feel an affinity with the members
  • Pick groups that are niche specific to your blog 
  • Choose groups where you feel supported but also able to add value, even if you’re new to blogging
  • Be selective, don’t join too many! This way you can make sure you’re creating real connections 
  • Be generous- make sure you’re committing to the group rules, not just to the letter, but more! Be kind and generous to your community. Help others grow and succeed., It’ll come back tenfold 
  • Don’t be a dick. Don’t be spammy. Don’t fudge the rules. You’re there as a community.

What are the top Facebook Groups I want to join as a new blogger? 

I’m a member of a few groups on Facebook that help me to both connect with other bloggers and grow my online biz. The main thing when choosing groups to join is that you want t o make sure you’re all about the community! Facebook Groups for bloggers are incredible places to learn and grow as a blogger and also make some pretty special friends. 

Only join the groups that you feel are a great fit for both your brand and your personality!

Some groups are run differently to others and you’ll need to maybe spend a week or two in a group before you figure out if it’s a good fit for you. I’ve left some groups where the vibe didn’t feel right for me. 

1. Blogging Babes Collective 

blogging babes collective

A really active group for bloggers. Sasha Lassey who runs Blogging Babes Collective is a gem and super helpful to all. The group is growing strong at nearly 4K members. Perfect friendly group for new and established bloggers.

2. Becoming a Blogger

Becoming a blogger

Cate Rosales’ group Becoming a Blogger is a group supporting online business owners and bloggers. Her aim is to help you make money from home! Cate’s group is really friendly and welcoming. With 22K members it’s pretty big, but maintains a supportive and collaborative feel.

3. Boss Girl Bloggers 

boss girl bloggers

The fabulous Ell Duclos runs Boss Girl Bloggers where fashion, lifestyle and beauty girl boss bloggers unite! … It’s a fab group and Ell is incredibly generous with her time and her advice. You must join this one!  It’s defo one of my top 3. 

4. Blogging Newbs 

Blogging newbs

A really supportive group for new bloggers. Blogging Newbs has plenty of active Q&A threads. No question is too big or too small. A great place if you’re a newbie. 

5. Newbie and Expert Bloggers Unite 

newbie and expert bloggers unite

I like this one. Run by Lucy Reyes, Newbie and Expert Bloggers Unite is a fun and interactive group. It’s reasonably smallish still, but has a nice community feel and offers great advice. 

6. Blogging for New Bloggers

blogging for new bloggers

Blogging for new bloggers is a large group of nearly 28K members. It’s a group for learning and sharing and it has a pretty nice vibe. It’s hosted by Lucrezia and Marina… from Melbourne, Australia. So, definitely worth a look in my iopion 🙂 

7. Connect and Cultivate with Ivory Mix 

Connect and cultivate with Ivory Mix

A really cool group, not pushy or too rigid. Connect and Cultivate with Ivory Mix has lots of social sharing opportunities. Really good engagement and a friendly vibe. 

8. Pinterest for Lady Bloggers and Business Owners

Pinterest for lady bloggers and business owners

Very cool group! Pinterest for Lady Bloggers and Business Owners is a slightly different group in that it’s focussed mainly on growing your biz through Pinterest. Angela Tempest is super supportive and helpful and generous. This is a must join group!  

9. Bloggers Collective 

Facebook Group- Bloggers Collective

My NEW group! Small for now, but growing day by day! Bloggers Collective is a group for makers, creators and entrepreneurs who blog. Come join us x 

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How to make the most out of Facebook Groups as a blogger

This one’s no brainer. Collaborate! Be kind! Be generous!

The more you give in these groups the more you’ll get out of them. If you spend your time simply looking to grow your own following you’ll find little value.

People can spot a dump and runner a mile away. So, don’t be that person! Share your great new content, yes! … but also make sure you’re giving first.

Find other bloggers whose content you love and support them to grow their blogs. Answer questions when you can. People will find your insight useful even if you’re a newbie! 

A final thought… make sure you KNOW what your strategy is. Know what you want to both achieve and offer. Know the channels you’ll share to, get to know the posts you’ll participate in. Don’t aim for everything! Maybe think about your focus.

I don’t participate in comment on all threads, because I prefer to comment on blogs in my own niche… and I prefer comments on my blog to be organic. While, I love finding other amazing bloggers to follow on Pinterest so will readily participate in a follow thread. 

Wrap up 

I had long given up on Facebook as a source of inspiration or growth for my business, until I found Facebook Blogger Groups! Who would’ve thought!

These generous communities foster a sense of belonging and wellbeing amongst bloggers. They give you a place to ask those pesky questions that have been eating at you, and get helpful and experiential advice.

The best thing about these groups though, is the amazing women you’ll meet who are kind, generous and big hearted with their time and their commitment to helping you grow your biz. 

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