Home office makeover ideas guaranteed to inspire

Home office makeover ideas guaranteed to inspire

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So, I decided to go in search of some recent home office makeovers to gain some more inspiration. I love my home office… but I wanted to do more! and make it a truly special place to spend my time.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in this space lately building my blog and business and I wanted to not only make it functional… but also make it somewhere that I could feel inspired and let the creativity flow!

Boy! I was not expecting to find such a treasure trove of amazing bloggers and their unique and inspiring spaces.

Here’s five of my favourite finds! These women are all bloggers and their home offices are definitely home inspiration material!

Helene in Between

Helene’s a pretty special lady. She started writing after she had a fall rock climbing, and now employs her husband to help her with her blog! They write about trips and travel and everything in between… hence the name maybe?

Her creative space was the typical study layout… but now… wow!

She’s incorporated pictures, lighting fixtures and texture to make a truly mesmerizing home office where anyone would feel at home! LOVE THIS!

Before & After

Home office makeover

Sweet Phi

Next up Sweet Phi – I initially thought it was pronounced Sweet Pea! … and thought awwww that’s too cute! right!? Until I delved a bit deeper and realised this fab bloggers hame was Philia! So, it’s actually pronounced Sweet Fee. Still super cute!

Philia is a suppper busy mom with three kids, including twins Freddie and Frankie! … she blogs about easy peasy food tips and…. also has a day job! You go girl!

Her home office transformation is pretttty sweet… and I’m a huge fan 🧡

The vintage rug and leather chairs are my fave! Plus the wooden table is quite something else. I absolutely adore things that have a story or make you feel nostalgic.

This new room does just that. The textures and the warm tones make you feel snug and serene.

One of the best features by far though has to be the wall calendar! If you know me – you know how much I love PLANNING! And this mammoth example of planning magnificane is what I’m all about…

Head to her blog to see a before shot … Amazing job!

Sweet OPhi home office makeover after photo
Wooden table and leather chairs for home office

The Styled Press

Taylors lifestyle blog is super cute and packed full of great beauty, fashion and living tips.

Her home office is a little corner of heaven! With fluffy pillows, a hint of gold and loads of layering!

Her floor rug is beautiful and pulls everything together into a warm and inviting space where anyone would love to spend time creating!

Home office of a blogger
Home office style
Home office on a budget

Hello Fashion

This one’s a beauty! And given her line of work it’s no wonder!

Christine started her blog as a place to share her favourite fashion finds, and now its extended to family, travel and even home decor.

She is just the most gorgeous woman ever and a fantastic blogger, and her home office reflects her superb sense of style.

Im in love with the wall colour… I love me a beautiful grey tone!

And, again, her rug ties it allll together… note to self.. get a home office rug you LOVE!

hello fashion home office picture
Hello fashion home office shoe rack

Dainty Dress Diaries

Ohhh this one’s close to my heart. Catherine is a maker and creator. She loves to transform all things old into something new. Her home office makeover got me good.

This warm and inviting space is perfect for creatives. Loads of storage space and lots of pretty things to inspire!

Thats wooden desk is amazing and while I know flowers don’t last… I’m a sucker for Peonies!

Wooden home office table

I’m so inspired by these bloggers home offices!

I’m going to do some planning and embark on a refresh in my own space! I think I need some warner tones and a few more feminine touches to make it super pretty and inviting!

Right now It’s really lovely and comfortable… but I think it just needs a couple of tweaks! I’ll keep you updated!

Head over to these amazing women’s blogs to see where to buy all the gorgeous things that have in their office spaces.

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