How many times should you Pin per day? | 2022

How many times should you Pin per day? | 2022

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Ahh the age old question! How many time should I pin a day? Here’s the thing… if someone had the definitive answer to this they would be MEGA wealthy. There is absolutely no perfect number, so don’t be fooled by anyone telling you there is, but there are some great guidelines. Figuring out how to use pinterest for business is a massive step towards achieving your business goals.

[Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links for which I may make a small commission at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase. I only recommend products I absolutely ❤️]

The latest Pinterest algorithm update in February 2020 means that both newbies and seasoned pros alike need to pay attention to changes in how their marketing may perform going forward on the platform.

The main thing to remember when you’re thinking about how many times per day to pin is that PINTEREST FAVOURS FRESH CONTENT. So, whatever you do – keep that little nugget handy in your back pocket! And make fresh content your priority. You can easily create fresh Pins in Canva, and schedule direct from there too!

Another handy tip is to ensure that you are pinning content which your audience expects and which is relevant to your particular niche. Steer the course and don’t get sidetracked with pretty, sparkly things people! That jacket is totally cool, but is it really part of your Pinterest strategy?

So, how often should I Pin per day?

This post was updated in January 2022 ❤️ …keepin’ you up to date with allll things Pinterest ❤️

Here’s how I schedule my Pins

First up, don’t pin too much! or… too little… ha ha ha … the too much part depends on how much fresh content you produce… If you can summons up a good amount of fresh content- either your own (ideally) or someone else’s, then UP TO 40 Pins a day is technically “ok”.

Since the new algorithm change, I now personally aim for around 4-6 per day and this seems to be working for me. More IS NOT MORE, people.

How many times should I pin a day

Too little? this one’s all about consistency. Pick a goal and stick with it. It’s better to Pin less, consistently than Pin a whole heap and then nothing for a week.

So, set yourself up a schedule… you can easily do this in something like Google Docs or Trello… I use Tailwind, a Pinterest (and Instagram) scheduler to make sure I’m on track. But now I’m also trying a new manual pinning strategy and use either the new Canva Scheduler and planner or the native Pinterest scheduler directly on Pinterest.

I’ve kept Tailwind though!!! as I will go back to it once things settle down- it’s just too handy for my workflow! And I do LOVE it! Plus, if you are watching your pennies, you can literally use Tailwind Communities for free! AND… just announced… Tailwind now has a Facebook scheduler! You not only can schedule your posts and Pins to Instagram and Pinterest with Tailwind- but now you can schedule posts to Facebook too! A little birdy also told me that Tailwind is about to have a massive makeover- so If you’ve been on the fence about it – maybe take a second look!

I aim for no more than 6 (ish) Pins per day. The “safe” maximum limit of Pins per day is said to be 50. I think 50 is too high, so make sure you’re well within that range, or you might be flagged as a spammer and risk your Pin reach and distribution.

Given the new changes on Pinterest- 50 is now way too high in my opinion!

Recommended safe Pinning strategies are around 6-15 Pins per day for good reach and engagement. Make sure you’re not pinning the same URL any more than once in a 24 hour period. Ideally, I speace these out in a 7 day interval.

How do I make up my new Pins per day?

First – When using Tailwind I have my Tailwind scheduler set to Pin 10 Pins a day to various boards. You can set the number of times a day you want to schedule Pins by going to your Tailwind dashboard and clicking Your Schedule on the left hand sidebar.

How many times should I pin a day

My 10 Pins are made up of my own fresh content, plus a selection of fabulous, niche specific Tailwind Community Pins – Tailwind Communities are like Group Boards on Tailwind. If you post a Pin to be shared to a Community you have to repin someone else’s pin… fair’s fair… which helps everyone grow! I am currently pinning 95% my own content.

I like to only schedule 10 Pins for a reason! In experimenting, I’ve learned that Pinterest likes it when you are a content creator, rather than a content consumer! So, I schedule only 10 Pins via Tailwind. The rest I do manually.

This isn’t a firm rule, but I tend to think… and it’s simply my own opinion… that Pinterest likes it when you are “using” their platform how it was meant to be used ie: finding and sharing great content. Some studies are inconclusive on this fact… other people swear by it, but … meh… It works for me.

Next, I Pin 2 Pins Direct from sites that I love. Pinterest wants fresh and unique finds from the web. The content MUST be new… and the process I use is direct to Pinterest, not repinned (saved).

Finally, I tend to post 3 blogs a week, and create 2-4 Pinnable Pins for each post.

So, these Pins are the ones I post directly from the site to Pinterest first (4×3=12 per week). I like to make sure my fresh new Pins and new content goes out directly from my site to my 2 TOP boards first. I’ll then schedule these 4 Pins to go out over the coming months in intervals to other boards.


  • 10 Pins daily scheduled via Tailwind or manually (mainly my own content, includes Community shares)
  • Pins 2 daily pinned direct from websites and blogs
  • 12 (3×4) Pins direct from new blog posts each week

Where should I Pin them?

If you’re sharing the same Pin, but to different boards… that’s totally fine… but…within reason, and wait 7-10 days in between. (You can do this using the Tailwind “intervals feature”... or on the Canva or Pinterest Scheduler). Not doing this may jeopardise your account as being a bit spammy.

Your first Pin for a particular piece of content should always go to your most relevant board FIRST. I tend to post my best Pin direct from a new blog post on my site to my “Best of Blog” board as a first step. So the first Pin of fresh content is always 1. Pinned direct from my site and 2. Pinned to my best, and most relevant board.

Share you Pins to a MAXIMUM of 5 boards only. And make sure they are both relevant and that you space them out as above. Ideally, now with the Pinterest changes, I only schedule new pins to 2-3 boards. Max5.

I have board lists set up in Tailwind for my top two niches, Women’s Wellness and Online Business. These board lists are a simple one click solution to adding a Pin to multiple boards. I can then scale back the ones that I don’t want the Pin to go to from there.

I pick only the most promising Pin for a particular piece of content and add it to various highly relevant Tailwind Communities. I am a member of 5 Communities across my two niches. Most Communities operate at a 1:1 ration. You share one of your own Pins to the Tribe and then share someone else’s in turn.

If you don’t have a paid Tailwind subscription, you can still Pin to Tailwind Communities for Free.

The jury is definitely out when it comes to the usefulness and relevance of Group Boards on Pinterest. Gone are the days when Group Boards were the panacea of success.

Pinterest now prioritises content based on engagement and because Group Boards are often just dumping grounds where members don’t bother to reshare any other content, your content may sit idle with no engagement.

This signals to Pinterest that the content might just not be up to scratch. Group Boards also encourage repinning. Repinning is definitely something that Pinterest is not interested in. They don’t mind if you are “pinning” someone’s content from a website… That’s discovery… and you are being a content curator doing that… but repinning on the platform itself serves no purpose for content discovery.

Be mindful of Group Boards. Only keep those that are performing really well (you can check their virality score on your Tailwind dashboard) and that you are getting repins and engagement in. Be wary of boards with HUGE numbers of members. (I’ll write more on Group Boards soon).

How do I make fresh pins?

Easy peasy! If you’re a Canva user then you’ll have access to some pretty cool features and be able to quickly spin together fresh pins super fast.

Canva Pro also gives you access to a huge amount of great images– so you don’t need to worry about using the same image over and over again- which is a big no no. But Canva’s free plan also has plenty of options.

Set yourself up with a dozen or so great templates that you know have been workign for you well on Pinteres.t take a look at what’s ganing you clicks. And replicate these desings with new text, new imagery and new oclours.

For instance… this type of Pin design below is proving pretty popular for me right now… so I’m using it a bit more. All I do is swap out the features.

Pin designs

If you’re a total newbie and want to skip the Pin designing altogether- grab my Canva Pin Templates – they’re FREE and cheerful and ohhhh so useful. The design above is also included in two colorways.

Wrap up

So, what works for you and your brand or business might be different to this… but the top takeaways are …

How to successfully Pin to Pinterest

  1. Be consistent
  2. Aim for 6-12 Pins per day
  3. Don’t be spammy
  4. Think carefully about the boards and Tailwind Communities you Pin to
  5. Finally, but most importantly, think MORE about CREATING fresh content than anything else.

There’s no one right way to Pin, but there are some solid guidelines that will help to hopefully increase your reach and engagement just a little more. If you only follow one tip from this post, make it to create, create, create fresh content as your priority.

One last tip! Don’t be worried about your Pin stats on Pinterest. These are literally changing all the time. The main metrics you should be paying attention to are those in your Google Analytics dashboard. Look for traffic acquisition… and if Pinterest is doing what you need it to… giving your traffic!

Impressions and followers and nice to look at… but they are definitely vanity metrics. Keep your eye on the prize and look for sustainable metrics like how well your pins are converting to 1. Traffic… and 2. Paying customers!

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    19 thoughts on “How many times should you Pin per day? | 2022”

    • Heyyyy this article was great and i learned alot!
      Actually i was kind of so frustrated and trying to look put for the ques how many times to pin!
      The reason of frustration is that my acount got suspended and i am not able to understand why.
      I was completely new to pinterest. I started on 9 jan 2022.
      I was posting 12 13 fresh pins daily and i almost not repeated any url for 24hours but sometimes i did it. 13 times with sometimes same url for some days and then gap of 3 4 days and after i started pinning again i got suspended.
      I was devasted that why this happened. I tried to contact but nothing happened.
      So i am gonna start new pinterest but i do not wanna get suspended again! I am sharing what i did and what i think, can you please guide me and help me out for my new account please!
      I was posting 13 pins daily.
      I repeated urls on daily basis and yes there was 20 24 hours gap for most of urls.
      I pinned fresh content, not repeated anythung.
      I did not pin anyone elses pin, just pinned 2 or 3 of others, rest were mine.
      I used pinterest scheduler.
      I linked to 3 4 youtube links directly.
      And the problem i think was pinning to same urls daily or 13 times was high number for new account or i did not pin any other’s content or maybe something else!
      Can you please let me know what was my mistake so that i not redo it again please!

      • Hi Pawan! Oh gosh sorry to hear about your suspension! Pinterest Jail does not sound like fun. I would have thought 13 pins a day was not excessive. But, like you say, the account was new. Pinterest really does like well established accounts and any activity from a brand new account, I guess they monitor much closer in their algorithm. I would start with only 1 or 2 a day. Mix it up. And be active on the platform too. Share other peoples pins, engage with others. Follow others etc.Go slow and build up your reputation first- then slowly add more pins a day. Let me know how you get on!

    • Thanks for such a great article! Now I’m trying to figure out what to do with numerous older posts I have… I’ve already pinned each one at least 3 times, some of them with 5 different pins… so do I need to make even more new fresh pins for those older articles? I only do one new article per week, so I understand what to do going forward, just wondering how to get more traffic to my older but important articles… should I repost (older, not fresh) pins to different boards?
      Thank you for any suggestions on this!!

      • Hey Maysie! Yes, schedule in new pins- but leave a good gap in between posting even new pins with the same URL. Add them to different boards too-again- leave a decent gap between the same URLs.

        • Hi Louise, please can you explain more on the detailed gaps you said we should give when posting new pins with the same URL?
          Because that’s what I’m doing and I’m still new and I post 5 sometimes 4 pins a day ,4 times a week and also is that enough?
          Thank you,hope you reply soon.

          • Hi Penelope 🙂
            So, in short… try to not post the same URL too close together-even with new and unique image assets. 4 or 5 pins a day is totally fine… but make sure you provide a decent gap of at least 24 hours between posting the same URL. I prefer at least 4 days to a week.

    • This is very helpful Louise. I’ve just gone from 2 million monthly impressions to 1.5 m monthly impressions because I’ve been so busy last month. Your advice will help me get back on track!

    • Thankyou for the little tips. I find Tailwind quite useful actually, it has saved me so much time. It is great to have someone else state tips, just to ensure you are on the right track hehe

      • I know right! Pinterest and all social media strategies are in constant flux. So good to keep up to date on what works and what doesn’t.

    • that’s for teaching this strategy. I’m still learning how to consistently pin on pinterest and i am experimenting with tailwind too.

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