How to create Instagram templates in Canva

How to create Instagram templates in Canva

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Two minute blogging tips – How to create Instagram templates in Canva

This is a wee doozy! … instead of recreating a whole new Insta image from scratch each time you want to promote one of your blogs… simply get yourself organized in advance! – this seriously took me 15 minutes to set this up! 

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How to create Instagram templates in Canva

  1. Create a series of blank Instagram Posts in Canva
How to create a new Instagram post in Canva

2. Number these according to how many colour variations you have in your brand style guide. I have 7. 

Create Instagram posts in Canva

3. Mock up colour templates in Canva by cutting and pasting your brand colour # numbers into the search bar on the left hand side

how to change background colour in Canva
Changing colour backgrounds in Canva

4. Create blank Instagram font templates in Canva – as you did above for the color templates

5. Copy and paste some of your favourite font layouts from your previously well performing Pins onto the blank font template

Instagram templates in Canva
Create Instagram templates

6. Create a new folder in Canva

7. Save all new colour and font templates into your new folder so you can easily access them

how to create new folders in Canva

6. Each time you need a new Instagram post – just make a copy of the colour template of your choice.

7. Then, cut and paste the desired font and text layout off one of you preferred font templates. Lastly, change out the text to your new content and drop it into your new design!

Voila! There you have it. Awesome Instagram templates in Canva in just 15 minutes! Get more followers fast by checking out our smart guide to Instagram followers.

How to create instagram templates

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  • I’m in the U.S. When I try to pin from your board, Pinterest shows me a log-in screen, even though I’m already logged in to Pinterest. Maybe it’s just a Pinterest glitch? Or do they want me to sign up for a separate New Zealand Pinterest account?

    Thanks for adding the pinnable image! It just went on my Social Media Tools board:

    Ah, I just figured it out. When I try to pin from it doesn’t work. But if I change it to it allows me to pin.

    • Thanks Christina.. I spoke with Pinterest and they assured me that the country code was no issue for re pinning or Pinning from my blog… strange it makes you change .. but glad you’ve figured out a way to Pin xxx

  • I really want to pin this helpful article to share it, but there is no pinnable image with a title available here. I even clicked through to your Pinterest, and found your pin for this post, but because it’s New Zealand Pinterest, I’m not able to repin it.

    Please let me know if you add a pinnable image! Thanks!

    • Ahhhh sorry Christina! Sorry! Added one now… I wasn’t going to add pinnable images to my quick tips section… but maybe just one! And, weird you can’t Pin from Pinterest? It should make no difference what country you’re in? Have not had any other pinners have any issues from any other countries? hmmmm might bring up with Pinterest… interesting… what country are you in?

    • IKR!!! I’m prettttty sure you can only create a limited number on the free plan… but multiple on the Pro version… but one’s enough for me!

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