How to hide a page in WordPress

How to hide a page in WordPress

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2 Min blogging tips – How to hide a page in WordPress

You know how sometimes you do some cool freebies or opt-ins or other pages that you want to hide from your main nav and only get people to click through when directed by a URL?

Yeah… those ones! 

Well, there’s a clever wee trick you can do to hide those pages in all navs…it’s suppppper simple… but unless you know how it is a bit illusive! 

Here’s how: Watch the video

Step by step instructions – How to hide a page in WordPress

So, here’s a page in my Find nav menu at the bottom of my page that I want hidden. It’s a new landing page with a free download for craft bloggers.

Christmas content planner for DIY and Craft Bloggers.

  1. Head to Appearance> Customise on your WordPress Dash
  2. Scroll down to Widgets on your left side menu and select the widget you need to edit
  1. When you open that Widget you’ll see a box at the bottom which says “exclude”… here’s where you need to put the page number that you want to hide
  1. Find the page number for the page you need to hide.
  2. Go to Pages on your dash and hover over the page you want to know the ID for
  1. Look to the bottom left of your screen, you’ll see a grey pop up box 
  1. Your page number is at the end of that sequence… in between the = and the & symbol.
  2. Mine here is 1542
  3. Add that page number (separate by a comma) to your excluded list and hit publish. 
  4. Voila! Your page is gone! But not forgotten! Takes 2 minutes! 

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