How to stop self sabotaging your success

How to stop self sabotaging your success

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Are you all in on your dreams and goals? Or are you secretly self sabotaging?

There’s that little voice in all of us that’s a wee bit uncertain, that needs reminding how awesome and unique we all are, that needs constant reassurance that we are worthy and that we are talented.

And. That’s OK. But, there’s a few things that you might be doing that are guaranteed to hold you back.

Some days it’s bloody hard to get motivated to keep going! The struggle is real girl! And having setbacks is all part of the journey.

No journey is a linear line! 

Not hitting your targets and goals stings (a lot!) and can have a negative effect on your mindset. 

But here’s the thing to remember… 

Your success is not measured by the shots you miss

It is a culmination of many, many different variables that meld together OVER TIME to create something truly magical. It’s not about the dips and troughs that are natural when starting anything new… 

Your success is measured by consistently showing up to your dreams and putting one step in front of the other.

So, stop sabotaging your success and start by auditing yourself! 

self sabotage

3 ways you could be self sabotaging your success

  1. Believing you’re going to fail or that you are not deserving of success
  2. Waiting and seeing if this thing turns out
  3. Having a Plan B

1. Believing you’re going to fail or that you are not deserving of success

I hear a butt load about self talk, self belief, self love… But what’s really going on here?

It’s definitely OK and normal to have doubts and some days struggle to believe in what you are doing or that your passion has legs, but… if you’re constantly telling yourself that you are going to fail… or are not worthy of success… that will become your reality! 

2. Waiting and seeing if this thing turns out

Get outta town! Sitting on the fence is not a strategy.

Having one foot in and one foot out is mega confusing for your subconscious in my opinion! Waiting to see if this thing works out is sending a massive message … that you don’t believe in yourself! 

3. Having a Plan B 

It’s totally OK to plan for your future… and it’s totally OK to know how you will proceed if you need to… but don’t self sabotage from the get go and keep that Plan B too close to your chest. 

Plan B’s have a way of sneaking into your psyche and making you self doubt. They have a way of whispering shitty comments to you when things get tough…

Pop that plan B securely where it belongs… AWAY!

Know it’s there… but also know that it is doing you no favours if its too attainable…

Plan B’s generally are the easier track to take… That’s why they aren’t plan A’s 🧡

The power of decision making 

I touched briefly on the power of decision making when I wrote about the habits of successful female entrepreneurs a wee while back …

All 3 self sabotaging behaviours have one thing in common.. They are all tied back to the inability to make a decision! 

Not believing in yourself? Make the decision to be kinder to yourself, make the decision to talk to yourself in a way that a best friend would. 

Feel unworthy of success? Make the decision for your own life that you are worthy of great things. Make the decision to accept that you’re deserving, and full of potential. 

Waiting to see if this thing works out? STOP it! Commit!

Make the decision to do this! Make the decision and then each and every action and step you take ask yourself… Is this bringing me closer to my goals? 

Decide if each and every one of your daily activities are part of your plan. Make the decision to include or exclude tasks, attitudes and actions that either bring you closer to achieving your goal or not. 

Once you make the decision to commit to yourself… your goals will seem so much clearer and soooo much more attainable! 

Have a plan B? Can you feel that? Can you feel that slight little edge that’s telling you it’s OK to fail at this? … saying that it’s no big deal if you don’t go all in… getting in your ear that gliding through is fine because you have an opt out…

Make a decision to Make Plan A, THE PLAN. 

12 Step self sabotage audit

  • Are you creating a plan?
  • Are you setting targets big and small?
  • Are you celebrating small wins and re evaluating your losses?
  • Are you measuring your progress, step by step? 
  • Are you waking up with a positive mindset?
  • Are you focusing on your long term goals?
  • Are you wasting time on urgent but unimportant tasks? 
  • Are you scared to take steps?
  • Are you making priorities? 
  • Are you talking yourself out of progress?
  • Are you creating momentum in your life?
  • Are you doubting yourself?

Each and every day are you working, one step at a time to move towards your Plan A?

Are you committed to yourself? Have you made the decision that your worth it to do the work? This doesn’t mean working yourself into burnout, this means prioritizing what’s most important! And THAT is enough. You are enough. 

Don’t forget that sometimes your decision might be to stop working on a particular goal! 

That’s OK ! That IS a decision!

Making a decision to go in a different direction or stopping something that isn’t working is perfect! It’s all about the decision making… getting yourself out of limbo… Committing to yourself! 

Decision making is so, so powerful and is the first step in quitting the self sabotage and creating a future for yourself …

That YOU are in charge of. 

That YOU built. 

That you CHOSE! 

So, are you all in? 🧡

are you self sabotaging your own success?

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