How To Use Tailwind Communities Absolutely Free

How To Use Tailwind Communities Absolutely Free

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I’d been toying with the idea of cancelling my Tailwind subscription for a few weeks now. Pinterest has been doing some extra crazy s&*t and my stats have been all over the show. 

[Update: Tailwind Tribes are now Tailwind Communities 🧡🧡🧡]

So, I have been trying a few different strategies to fix the issue and get more aligned with their new algorithm and practices. 

I began a new manual pinning strategy last week and low and behold my stats are actually rising again. And better yet, my click throughs are up, which let’s be honest is the BEST measure of success right! 

So, I’m sticking to a manual strategy for Pinterest, for now anyway. I didn’t really need Tailwind any more for now, as I’m also only pinning 3-6 pins a day maximum and not scheduling anything on third party platforms. I’m using the Pinterest native scheduler to pin new pins to only an extra one or two highly relevant boards, so 3 max in total. 

Bye bye Tailwind… it’s not forever… I do love you ❤️ and will no doubt be back when I need to look at upping my daily pins again… but am going to hold steady till the New Year at least.

However! I didn’t want to lose all my great momentum in the Tailwind Communities (formerly Tailwind Tribes) I’ve worked so hard to get. 

I reached out to Tailwind (great customer service BTW) and found out that if you stop your subscription with Tailwind you do not lose any of your pins in your Communities. Win win for me!

So, community members can continue to see your Pins and share them to Pinterest. Yay! 

Bit, wait! After some trial and error I ALSO figured out that you can actually continue to ADD pins to Tailwind Communities FOR FREE and just as importantly, continue to reciprocate sharing other Community members’ pins! Happy dance!

The method below is super easy to follow, and allows you to continue to use the amazing benefits you get with Tailwind Communities, all for free. Thank you Tailwind!! 

Disclaimer: This post contains links, that if clicked, and you make a purchase, or start a trial, I may make a small commission, at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I 🧡

How to use Tailwind Communities for FREE

If you don’t have a Tailwind account you can easily sign up for a totally free trial right here… on a Tailwind Free Forever account you get 20 free posts per month, along with 20 free Tailwind Create posts, the ability to join 5 Tailwind Communities and post 30 posts to these communities monthly.

It’s a super useful tool that I seriously love. But, I simply wanted to put that money into other things right now, while I was manually pinning.

On a free Tailwind account you can be a member of 5 Tailwind Communities, and get a total of 30 Pins per month. So, the limits are pretty small…. But, for me, this still allows me to add my best Pins to my fab Communities and keep my momentum going. 

In order to get access to more Communities, or get more pins per month you’ll need to upgrade, and if you’re finding Communities super useful, then that’s definitely a great idea. 

How to add your pins to Tailwind Communities for free

Ok, so after your trial ends, or after you’ve stopped your paid subscription, you’ll still continue to see your time slots for scheduled pins over on the right hand side of your dashboard on your Tailwind account.

Your schedule still exists, and you can still add pins to that schedule. They just won’t get automatically pinned.

Here’s how to Pin them: 

  1. Create a new Pin by either using the “Create New Pin” function in Tailwind itself. Or upload a Pin from your blog into the drafts folder in Tailwind. 
  1. Add your Pin to your selected Tailwind Community (formerly Tailwind Tribes) using the +Community button on the lower left of your drafted Pin. Just as you would normally. Now, your pin has been queued to be added to that particular Community. But! Because Pins are now no longer added to (or show up in) Communities until the are actually published, you’ll have to go one step further.
  1. Add your Pin to your scheduling queue as normal. Now, head on over to see your queue. You’ll see your pin waiting to go out on your schedule. Tailwind will not publish this pin because you no longer have access to the scheduler. Go ahead and find your pin in your list.
  1. Click Pin Now.

Voila! Your Pin has now been published to Pinterest… AND to your Tailwind Communities – yippee! 

How to reciprocate sharing other Community members pins for free 

Now that you’ve figured out how to still Pin your Pins to your Communities for free, you’ll want to continue to reciprocate sharing other Tailwind Community members’ Pins. 

Tailwind Communities all have varying levels of reciprocation rules. But in general most have a 1:1 rule. Where you have to share one pin for every pin you submit. Others are a 2:1 or 2:3 ratio. 

Reciprocating manually is super easy! 

  1. Head to your Communities and find pins that you love and want to share with your audience.
  1. Add the Boards that you want to share to, as you normally would, and click Add to Queue.
  1. Head back to your scheduler page. You’ll now see that that Pin is scheduled to go out in your Tailwind Scheduler. 
  1. Same as before, you’ll simply find your shared Pin in your list and click Pin Now.

Done! You have shared your Community members Pin to Pinterest.

Tip: Because I don’t add a whole lot of Pins to Tailwind Communities, only my absolute BEST of the best, I don’t have a huge amount of reciprocation to do. But, when I do, I simply get them all ready in the scheduler and work my way through actually publishing them to Pinterest throughout the following week.

I only Pin a couple of times a day with my new manual pinning strategy so I don’t want to overdo other peoples pins.


My top 5 Tailwind Communities for bloggers 

I slimmed down the number of Tailwind Communities I was in even before I suspended my paid Tailwind subscription.

I simply wanted to streamline my workflow and I found that a lot of the Communities had the same people in them anyway, so my Pins were getting seen by the same people, only in different Communities. 

I now only have five Tailwind Communities which I contribute to. Four are for my business blog and one is for my lifestyle blog.

  1. All Niches, Promote, Grow and Learn 
  2. Bloggers and creative infopreneurs
  3. HerPaperRoute Blogging Hive 
  4. Women Building Businesses 
  5. Happiness and Wellness Bloggers

This is a super awesome wee hack to continue to use Tailwind Communities if you are no longer on a paid plan or your free trial has ended on Tailwind.

I love Tailwind! And will go back to it once Pinterest has settled down! But for now, this is a super easy work around for me to continue gaining momentum in my Communities and not lose any of the hard work I’ve already put in! 

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