My self care secret sauce for successful entrepreneurs

My self care secret sauce for successful entrepreneurs

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There’s no secret to staying well. And no one thing suits every person, but there are a few simple secret sauce self care tips that we all can incorporate into our daily schedule to stay on the path to wellness.

The thing is. It’s not how great the act is. It doesn’t have to be grandiose or fancy. No frills is the easiest way to success. BUT here’s the thing.

You need to be consistent. 

Consistency is what takes a thought process or action and turns it into a meaningful and powerful force.

Consistency doesn’t mean beating yourself up if you don’t complete your run or feeling bad that you ate the cookie. It means making a decision and sticking with it.

Making a decision to be the best you. Making a decision to eat better, making a decision to move your body. Making a decision to take a chance on yourself.

It means staying true to your word, to yourself.

Make a deal with yourself and stick to it.

I made a decision a while back to do a few things differently to ensure I stay well. This is what works for me and your list will be different.

I avoid dairy and gluten

Dairy and gluten wreak havoc on my body. I get reflux, really bad sinus congestion and headaches from dairy and if I indulge in a little gluttony goodness I don’t poop, yep, that’s right, constipation. Urgh. Not a great feeling. Gluten also plays havoc with my sinuses. So, I avoid these things. 

I move daily

I practice yin yoga and/or stretch most nights – remember that word “most” … it’s important. I walk most days. I don’t sit too long when I work. That’s it. That’s my decision around movement. 

I practice gratitude

This is huge for me. I made a decision to not sweat the small stuff. I don’t make mountains out of molehills and I always look for silver linings. I try to live in the present and be mindful of what’s going on around me at any given time. When everything feels overwhelming. I stop and rest. But most of all I live with an overarching sense of gratitude for my life and the moment I’m in.

Consistency for me means making decisions and carrying out practices and habits – most of the time! There’s that word again. I know that if my mindset is to not punish myself for eating freshly baked bread, or missing a walk because I’m tired I know I’m being kind to myself.

And consistency without kindness to oneself is brutal.

So, that’s my secret sauce! Consistency with a large dollop of kindness.

Create the life you want to live by making decisions AND showing up consistently with simple habits for yourself. Self care need’t be elaborate, nor should it be prescriptive. But, showing up for yourself every single day is one thing you can do today to live your best life.

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