Tailwind for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, together at last

Tailwind for Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, together at last

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Tailwind has recently moved their plans from separate Instagram and Pinterest plans (where you had to create an account for either Instagram OR Pinterest… and pay more) to plans which include access to both Instagram AND Pinterest.

So, now Tailwind pricing is much, much more affordable. And you can manage your social media far better with their new pricing schedule.

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I use Tailwind Communities religiously to amplify my blog posts out to other bloggers who share similar interests to me. They work! and I’m finding more and more that the engagement is getting better and better. Just be patient! and be consistent!

Tailwind Community results

There are a tonne of great Tailwind Communities that you can join. Some of my favourite ones (by niche) are listed here. You can also read all about how to make the most out of Tailwind Communities here.

Can you schedule to Facebook using Tailwind?

Facebook scheduling on Tailwind? You betcha! I also get asked a lot of you can Post to Facebook from Tailwind and the good news is – YES! … Tailwind now allows you to not only post to Instagram and Pinterest… but also schedule your posts to Facebook.

You can now also schedule and post to all your social networks direct from Tailwind with one genius click! (Tailwind is rolling out these changes over the coming weeks.. so bear with them if you do not have access yet!)

Tailwind new pricing

On the new Tailwind pricing, their Pro plan is now only $9.99 – whereas prior, it was $9.99 for only one of either Instagram or Pinterest. So much better right! You can upgrade to their Advanced plan, to get even more posts for Instagram and Pinterest and pay less than if you were subscribing to their old plans for each.

Tailwind new pricing plans

Tailwind Create is included in all pricing plans too. So, instead of having to add on Tailwind Communities and Tailwind Create to your plan, it’s all included! Smart move Tailwind!

Tailwind Create

Tailwind Create lets you create multiple Pinterest Pins instantly… just like magic! We all know the benefit of creating fresh Pins for Pinterest and now it’s so much easier (and cheaper) with Tailwinds new plans. They measured engagement on Pins created with and without create and the difference was mind blowing! Look at that graph!

Get 373% More Saves When You Share a Tailwind Create Image. Source: 2021 study of Pins January 2021 comparing saving existing Pins and creating new images with Tailwind Create.
How to Increase Pinterest Engagement in 2021 (Original Data Study)!

I guess one of the best new options with the plan changes is the fact that their Max plan now caters to Community Managers, Social media manager and Virtual assistants managing multiple accounts.

You can now manage up to 3 Instagram and 3 Pinterest accounts on their new Max plan with unlimited posts, and unlimited communities. Making life SO MUCH EASIER if you’re a VA or social media manager.

I’m loving this move by Tailwind to be far far more competitive in their pricing with the other social media schedulers out there. This will no doubt make more people take a second look at Tailwind as their choice of social media scheduler.


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