The number one top search engine to hack your online business growth

The number one top search engine to hack your online business growth

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Do you know what the number one top search engine is?

When we think of search engines we think of Google, Yahoo and even Bing. Somewhere people go to find answers to their questions, to search for products, find inspiration, research ideas.

As business owners we know about SEO and may even pay to get our services and products at the top of search results.

But, Im not here to talk to you about Google… or any other traditional search engine. Im here to talk to you about Pinterest. Yep. Pinterest.

If you’re a Gen X you will possibly be lucky enough to remember when Pinterest was founded in January 2010.

It was a new social network, where we pinned ideas for crafts, wedding and recipes… it was pretty cool. You could create boards and repin your favourite images. Kinda like an online scrapbook!

I’m here to tell you things have changed!

Psssst…. come closer…. Pinterest is not a social network. It’s a search engine!

And a massively powerful resource for your online business. Whether you’re a creator or a seller.

Discovery & Sharing

Pinterest is a powerful search engine. There’s no other social platform where a user can go and search for the type of terms Pinterest users are searching for.

You can’t successfully search Facebook for “chocolate cake“. But, when you put that same search into Pinterest you get this type of result!

chocolate cake search on Pinterest

Pinterest even makes suggestions for you at the top to help you narrow down your search.

So, what is Pinterest? Pinterest was designed around discovery and sharing…. let me say that again … discovery AND sharing… don’t you want a piece of that?

Users not only use the platform to garner ideas and inspiration… the discovery phase…. but they also proliferate your brand by sharing it to other people who love the same kinds of things they do. Pinterest was made as a sharing platform.

No other social media platform is designed this way.

Think of the many hours you spend on your Instagram or Facebook business pages and how many times your posts are shared? Not many. In fact they are seldom even seen with around only 6% of your audience seeing anything you post.

Sometimes you’ll get a post shared to a users story, sometimes you’ll get a share on Facebook. But here’s the clincher. It’s a one time thing… it’s a one off activity and something that if you’re lucky lasts a day or two.

When you post on Pinterest you can continue gaining the benefits for months. Sometimes even years if your pin is spectacular! Now isn’t that a much better use of your time?

Traffic & Conversion

So, there’s this thing. Facebook and Instagram give you likes and follows… and hopefully engagement, if you’re lucky.

You can create community around your brand and your products or services. Sometimes you’ll get clicks to your links. Often times minimal.

Pinterest however not only allows for discovery of your brand. It also serves as a powerful, ongoing traffic generator. For free. It is your number one top search engine.

It’s a way to target your ideal audience. Using Pin titles, descriptions and hashtags you can draw your ideal audience to your Pins and if enticing enough, drive them to your website.

But it doesn’t stop there. Pinterest means funnel creation!

Drive people who are actively looking for your product or service right now to your pins…. entice them to click to your website… then convert them with your offer once there.

What other social media platform offers you the ability to touch all points of the buyer journey??


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