The one single thing you need to do to grow your online business

The one single thing you need to do to grow your online business

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Do you know the one single thing you need to grow your online Biz? I’ll be brief and to the point. No fluff and puff lead in.

It’s all about starting. Starting something. Doing something. Being unafraid of being imperfect. Being brave. Acknowledging that you have something pretty special to offer the world and just going for it boots and all.

You needn’t be perfect to share your creativity with the world. This applies to ANY of you out there who are creatives. Blogger, crafters, designers… you name it. This is for you.

We live in a constant state of fear and uncertainty within our own minds and it is this fear that stops us short of achieving our greatest life. The life you want and deserve is literally one step away. And that step is starting.

Let me tell you what I mean by starting

It’s allowing yourself to be imperfect. It’s giving yourself permission to create in the cracks. It’s about saying to yourself that it’s ok to not have it ALLLL figured out before you introduce your gifts to the world. I wanna tell you something…. no-one has it all figured out! absolutely no-one.

Life is a journey and we often forget that when we place unrealistic expectations on ourselves to be at a certain point in our lives. Often forgetting that its tiny steps that lead to greatness.

It’s these tiny steps that when you look back have created that business, have given you the life or the family you want, that have lead you to your career passion or mastery.

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I started a successful kids fashion label a decade ago by doing one thing. I made a decision that I would make enough money to buy the family a digital camera for Christmas then set about figuring out how later!

It was the simple act of decision making that propelled me forth into a whole other world of discovery.

I found some super cute vintage fabric. Whipped up some pyjama tops and pants …. called them After Bath Wear (too beautiful to be jammies) then told all my friends! … I sold out and because the pyjamas were so lovely all the dads in charge were dropping their pre schoolers to kindy in them unaware! This grew to two full seasonal lines and agents in 4 countries.

As a creative, I know it’s hard to feel stuck.

It’s hard to know where you want to go or be but be paralysed by the fear of what if. What if I don’t succeed? what if my offering isn’t as good as someone else’s? what if no one pays attention? What if…. I fail!

Taking small actions on a consistent basis will grow your business. Diving in and writing that blog post even though your kinda unsure of where it might lead will grow your business.

Developing that download even though you’re scared it won’t be as perfect or pretty or clever as the next persons will grow your business. Because it’s in the doing where you learn and grow. It’s the doing that creates momentum and creates a path for you to add another notch to your belt.

Go ahead. Make the leap.

Don’t wait till all your stars are aligned. It’s your duty to share your gifts with the world. After all that’s why you were put here as the magnificent and truly unique person you are, right?

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