The Secret Society of Bloggers

The Secret Society of Bloggers

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Starting a blog is one of life’s great mysteries! Will anyone read my work ? What If no one likes my writing? How do I get noticed? Is blogging even still a thing? Well, let me tell you this. Blogging IS not only STILL a thing… But, it’s a whole new thing! And, there is a secret about blogging that no one tells you when you’re a beginner. 

There’s a secret society of bloggers. It’s not official, nor is it searchable. BUT. If you take that vast leap into the unknown and become a blogger you’ll soon find it.. Or at the very least, it will find you.

What is the secret society of bloggers? and how can I join?

You can’t join. But… you can! There’s no official membership or test or sign up registration. 

The Bloggers secret society is made up of a community of like minded and generous spirits who form a virtual entity like no other. The bloggers secret society takes you in and nurtures you, helps you with your (not so) silly questions, guides you to become a better writer, critiques your work with passion and kindness, gives you tips to grow and genuinely wants to see you succeed. 

Your success means success for the entire group.

The truth about blogging - what no one tells you as a newbie

5 (not so) surprising things I’ve learned about blogging

1. Blogging is a community sport 

When one of us succeeds, we all succeed. Blogging is somewhat of a team sport. What’s good for one blogger is great for others. I started a tech company a few years back. I wanted to change the status quo on how people found and shared great new content on the web. I was tired of how the best content was buried deep, deep down on pages that no one ever goes to. 

So, I decided to make a platform where people could come together over like interests and discover content based on community of like minded people. It was rad. But we ran out of money. So had to fold. But to my delight – Mix, a content sharing platform that I love does a similar thing now to what we were trying to achieve. It’s no wonder I LOVE Mix so much! 

Bloggers look for ways to get each others great content seen and shared. We are a bunch of makers and creators whose voices matter. And we know that. 

So, our mission is to knock out the mainstream and bubble unique and inspiring content to the forefront of the web. 

Scrattch bloggers network
Scrattch – early mockup of my social discovery platform

2. Bloggers are kind 

There’s something about makers and creators. I think it’s because we all know how difficult it is to live inside our own minds! Ha ha ha . We think differently to the mainstream and we know that we can somehow make a difference in this world if we share our talents and gifts, somehow. 

Maybe we might just reach that one person who needs us at a special time? We care. We are kind. We have thoughts that are important to share with the world. Everyone has a special something they were born to share. 

And bloggers tend to know that. 

Even if our audience is 10 pairs of eyes… or 10,000. It’s reaching that one special person that counts. We need to know that our words and our lives have had meaning in some small way and by touching another human spirit we can rest assured that we had purpose. 

3. Bloggers are super intelligent creatives 

Bloggers tend to share one thing in common; They are clever. Their brains work differently to the rest of the population. They tend to want to make something out of nothing. They dream big and they’re passionate about creating something out of nothing. All bloggers are cut from the same cloth, irrespective of which niche they come from. They are makers. And its makers who make this world go round. 

During lockdown (I’m in New Zealand and we are now out of lockdown) we spent months behind closed doors. It was a time to think and a time to mull over how the world had shaped us to date and what we might want moving forward when things returned to “normal”… or they didn’t…

It became abundantly clear that those people who were the most valuable in our communities were the makers. 

Those humans who created something out of nothing that provided us with warmth, comfort, sustenance or relief. It’s these makers and creators who kept us afloat during these difficult times. It’s the makers who have a real purpose in our societies. The makers provide, the makers have a practical purpose. There’s something incredibly powerful about a maker and a creator. 

4. Being a blogger is a verb, not a noun

One of the biggest misconceptions about blogging is that it’s a selfish sport. That people sit alone in their homes writing for their own gratification. That bloggers somehow are loners. 

This couldn’t be furthest from the truth. Bloggers are a united force. They create a wave and a virtual presence in the world that has a force to it like no other. 

It’s no surprise that some of the earliest blog directories and communities online used the term blogosphere! It’s like another world. And, even way back when blogging was a new sport, these sites knew that they were onto something. That blogging was a diversion from the mainstream and allowed communities and makers to create spaces when other like minded folks could come and share their passions. 

It’s also no surprise that there’s multiple groups where bloggers can hang out, share our passion, get help and encouragement.

A couple of my faves are Cate’s Becoming a Blogger Group, Sasha’s Blogging Babes Collective Group and Ells Boss Girl Bloggers Group. If you’re a new to blogging check out these groups for support and advice. 

5. What happens in the SSB stays in the SSB

It may look to an outsider that bloggers have a cushy life. Sitting alone in a room with a cuppa tea, creating from folly and indulgence! Ha ha ha … and this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Bloggers are hustlers, they are doers and they get $h!t done. Bloggers are a united force that combine to help each other be their best. Even changing and levelling up to perform better and better, To reach goals and to make a living out of their passion. They lift each other up and magnify each other’s talents. 

But, on the outside, we make it look effortless

If you’re a newbie blogger or are thinking about starting your blogging journey. Just start. Don’t get too wrapped up in the process or the must haves. Just start with a Google Doc and your own thoughts.

But most importantly, find your tribe! We’re out there and we care. 

You’re, of course, welcome to join my NEW tribe here for female makers, creators and entrepreneurs who blog.

Being a blogger is a verb not a noun

6 thoughts on “The Secret Society of Bloggers”

  • This is what I love about blogging the most – the support and community. I love how supportive everyone is and that even bloggers in your niche are not really your competition. I just wish more people outside of blogging understood what blogging is really like and that it’s not just writing articles and getting paid for that.

    • Yes! It really is a wonderfully supportive community. And, being a business blogger makes it even more so for me. I get to help people every single day! and LOVE it when I see people’s successes.

  • This was a very encouraging read! I recently joined the blogging profession and was pleasantly surprised by networking that goes on. It alleviated a lot of my anxiety. Also, I was so pleased to find other people like me. I had been creating content all along of places I wanted to travel to and essentials for a new wardrobe, etc., and thought I was so different from anybody I knew. And then one day, after starting my blog and wondering what I would ever write about, I realized that I already had the content created, I just needed to share it. Even better was realizing that I am not strange at all, there were all of these other people who are just like me! It was the most pleasant discovery that I am a part of this secret society of like-minded makers and creators. 😊

    • Ohhhh I’m so glad you liked it! Yes! it’s so funny right, how we tell ourselves all kinds of untruths! There’s so many amazing people in the blogging community that are here to help. 💕

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