Why I wear the same thing every day – how to create habits that serve you well

Why I wear the same thing every day – how to create habits that serve you well

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I was a child of the 80’s. Leg warmers and hoop earrings… we wore lace in our hair with wild abandonment… we wanted to stand out. We had bangles and earrings and accessories, and we layered with purpose.

Ahh those were the days! 

Now, I’m a mum to teenagers, an entrepreneur and an introvert who loves nothing more than routine and method in the madness. I love to create routines and habits that calm and soothe my soul and dressing with simplicity is one of the ways I do this.

why I wear the same thing every day

Why I wear the same thing every day

I didn’t start out to be boring, nor did I intend to create what would turn into a routine and a habit for me.

I’m a massive introvert. I love order and comfort.

I love to know what’s happening next. I’m a bit of a control freak and I plan, plan, plan.

I’m not one of those people who love a surprise party, in fact, DO NOT SPRING that shit on me! Ever! …. It’s just not fun for me. Ha ha ha … I almost feel bad writing that… who doesn’t love a good surprise party?.. Well, me. 

I get up every morning and make my bed, set the washing on, fold everyone’s clothes and deliver them to their rooms (so nice right!) … but I love doing this… it sets me up for the day… it makes me feel calm.. I know what’s happening next… I know that I’ll give myself a quick dopamine hit by achieving these things first thing… then, I can mentally tick them off!

Voila… done… I feel that I’m of service to my people…. Little things…. That they no doubt take for granted… but that I do as a form of love… to make their lives easier. 

I follow a really simple skin care routine… I don’t cleanse (unless I wear makeup, which I gave up some time ago… I like my face the way it is!) …. But I wear a fab moisturiser… …. And, I love serums… and sometimes I’ll sneak in a face mask if I’m feeling sassy. Trilogy or Noto are my go to brands of choice. I always wear perfume… Jimmy Choo. Creature of habit. 

I take care of myself in a myriad of ways… buying skincare and personal products that are free of nasties… I like nothing more than to feel in control of my health, and my life…

I love simple. I love great quality. I love sustainability. I love longevity, and I love routine. 

So, when I think about what I’m wearing …. I follow the same philosophy.

My wardrobe is a warm embrace… a comforting and not scary place where I can easily choose my daily attire with zero stress.

  • I buy only great quality clothing that lasts. 
  • I choose from a variety of stores where I know their quality and workmanship is of the greatest quality.
  • I don’t buy fashion. I go for style and simplicity, and dare I say comfort.

Being an HSP I hate tight fitting clothes… I really dislike tags on garments… zippers… and buttons….and I hate fuss.

I don’t want to feel uncomfortable or cold… or squished for the sake of fashion.

I pick garments that suit me… that are stylish and well made.

I know that when I get up each morning I’m going to wear the same things. Over and over again. And that’s so OK with me.

I tend to go for a great white tee-shirt… I have tonnes! … and a pair of designer black pants… if it’s Wintery, I add in a staple jumper or crew.

My brands of choice are KowTow – a NZ sustainable, fair trade label… Huffer… another NZ staple… and Ketz-ke… ummm another kiwi brand 🧡 I see a trend here, not sorry 🙌

I don’t set out to only buy a certain thing.. But 9 times out of ten I’ll come home with a pair of black pants and a white tee. That’s just me. And the thing is… it’s comforting… I know what to expect… It’s calming and it’s refreshing to know that I don’t have a cupboard full of clothing that will only get worn once or twice.

I love fashion… I actually used to be a high end childrenswear designer. And I love creativity. But I love habits and routine more! 

Fold Pant

These are my go to pants right now … Drop crotch… elasticated waist… comfort ++ and stylish enough to dress up if I need to…

My go to jumpers and crews that are mega comfy … I aim for grey or maybe a splash of colour.

Secrets of simple living

The Power Of Habit Setting

I’m not trying to make any sort of statement with the way I dress. I sometimes will wear a jumpsuit… usually black… Ha ha ha… Or I might throw on something else. But on the daily I know it’s my normal uniform… 

I do know however that I have a set of habits that mean that I have one less thing I need to worry about in the mornings.

My morning routine is like a comfy blanket… or a warm embrace… it’s methodical… I know what’s next… and I can set myself to auto pilot to get all the things done that I need to.

Choosing clothing for me doesn’t have to be a battle with my figure, or involve any of my insecurities. It’s a delight to wear the pieces I carefully pick out and I know that I’ll always be comfy and look great.

I feel in control and I feel accomplished.

Habit setting, the steps you take every single day to achieve your goals… is a great form of self care. Habit setting can provide you with a sense of wellbeing and the ability to start your day calm and centred. 

I never run from one thing to the other in the mornings. I always know what’s next. My family benefit from this… things get done… and everyone sets up their day with a great mindset.

Living Intentionally

Not only do I love a great routine… and know that I’m going into my days with a sense of wellbeing. I also know that my values and what I believe in is taken care of with the way I dress.

I know that I’m choosing items from brands that I trust.

I know that I am not buying fast fashion for the sake of a quick thrill. I know I am not wasting my money on one off wears or items I get attached to in the store, but KNOW that I’ll never wear. I’m never suckered into a purchase. I mostly shop online.

I have set intentions for the way I shop, the way I spend and the way I treat the world I live in.

By buying only what I need, building a mostly capsule wardrobe… and not spending needlessly on throw away items it means I’m in sync with my heart. It means I feel good about what’s in my wardrobe and on my body. I always shop and live intentionally. I’ve come to love the body I am in, and honoring it with simple, comfortable choices when it comes to clothing is life changing.

The fabrics I wear are high quality. I don’t spend money where I don’t need to. And the planet is not suffering for my choices. 

Intention setting is a powerful part of my life.

living intentionally

Wrap Up 

I’m not boring, nor stuck in a rut. I am however, intentional. And, don’t get me wrong. I do wear other things on occasion! … I love a great bomber jacket…. And I’m totally in love with these amulet necklaces from YCL jewels

But the thing is… for me… it’s about calm in the chaos…. It’s about ethical fashion choices… and it’s about style, comfort, simplicity and sustainability over fast fashion. That’s why I wear the same thing every day.

Do you love your capsule wardrobe? What makes your mornings easier? 

38 thoughts on “Why I wear the same thing every day – how to create habits that serve you well”

  • I’m all about comfort and practicality. I have come up with a standard outfit as well. My go-to outfit is black pants, both skinny and dress pants. and my signature tees which I’ve taken the time out to put my initials on them (thanks to my Cricut machine) I can always throw on a black blazer if I need to dress it up. I prefer to dress up with my accessories if I need to. Don’t sleep on chico’s It is one of my favorite comfy store spots.

  • I love this. I am trying to go back to a few hight quality clothes instead of “fast-fashion”

    • Yes! I spent so many years shopping in season and inevitably grabbing a few things that I loved at the time- but were pretty quickly at the bottom of the pile!

  • I don’t see myself as literally wearing one dress everyday. But the point of maintaining order in one’s schedule, can not be overemphasized, esp in hectic city lives.

  • Totally agree that quality over quantity is the way to go when buying clothes. I also have a few shops where I know I will find pieces that will last forever, look stylish, and are comfortable!

  • Wow, we are so much alike … Nobody better spring a surprise party on me, I wear the same things over and over again, I follow a morning routine and as an HSP, I hate tight fitting clothes! Thank you for this excellent post 🙂

  • Such a great post! Although I love fashion and I add a few new pieces in my wardrobe every season, I definitely agree with you that quality over quantity is a must and focusing on our style is very important. I love your selection of labels as well!

  • I love this, and I love the idea of a simple morning routine…I’ve recently been trying to create one myself!! So, I completely can relate to the mentally checking off boxes to get the day started just right! Thank you so much for this great read and for the motivation!

  • I can so relate! I’m an introvert as well. I wear the same clothes over and over again, just because they’re comfortable. And I only go to a few stores, because I know exactly what I need and want. I only buy things of quality, same for my skincare products (I shop at Lush, and I swear by it). I’m also an HSP and I can’t stand tags in clothes, hahahaha. Very nice and refreshing post!

  • What an interesting idea. I adore choosing my clothes for each day to suit my mood. Although I do like to get the clothes out the night before ready if its a busy day

    • We are so different! I couldn’t think of anything worse than having to choose an outfit! argghhhh ha ha ha …. But I totally admire people who are well dressed and have that ability xxx

  • I am very similar with my love of routine. My entire day, especially during this quarantine period, usually looks almost exactly the same as the days before, and I’m 100% okay with that. My wardrobe is very casual and I typically cycle between the same 4-5 outfits because I work from home and have for the last 4 years. I do miss my career and the more professional clothing I bought and wore then but getting to be comfy at all times has its perks. Thank you for this article, I really appreciate your emphasis on ethical fashion and sustainability.

  • I too have eliminated makeup, except for fancy occasions. My clothes aren’t designer, they are comfortable. I’ve come to the point in life, I’m over 60, where it’s more important to me to be comfortable than stylish. So I have a lot of similar items in my closet. I’m home most of the day. It’s nice to pull on my pants and then pick out a top that seems to fit my mood for that day. It’s more important for you to feel comfortable, than to feel you need to please others with what you wear. I do get dressed as soon as I’m up. I used to hang out in my robe, for as long as I could. Getting dressed first gets me going in the morning.

    • Such a freeing moment to realise you don’t need or want to wear makeup right! One day I just decided… bugger it! I’m not wearing makeup to work… and noone noticed! not a single soul! … I have pretty good skin.. and skin tone… and I like my face… so meh…. why would I bother… but it is nice to get all glammed up on occasion tho right!

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