Canva Content Planner and Scheduler 2021

Canva Content Planner and Scheduler 2021

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OK, so I’ve been toying with the idea of switching from Tailwind to the New Canva Content Planner and Scheduler….Tailwind is fantastic… I do love it … but it’s kinda expensive and the Tailwind Communities function is always glitching for me on Chrome.

[Updated on 24 January 2021]

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links for which I may make a small commission on at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase. I simply love this product and wouldn’t recommend anything I didn’t LOVE.

This is a pretty big play for Canva! I’ve been a mega fan and an early adopter of Canva for a number of years and what Melanie has built is nothing short of outstanding. 🧡

The fact that she’s an Antipodean is even better… fellow Antipodean here… not at all bias 🤣

Moving into the scheduling space is a really bold move… with some really big players like Buffer, Tailwind and Hootsuite already dominating…

However, I think Canva has a pretty clever wee plan here! … so while the new feature is pretty early stage (will go into more detail below)… I’m pretty sure that Melanie and the amazing Canva team will have something up their sleeves. Watch this space!

I’ve been in Tech for a long while now and seeing the speed at which this new feature is evolving and being iterated is exciting!

So, I’m on a mission to try out the new Canva Content Planner and Scheduler and report back to you.

Here we go! 

What is Canva?

Canva is a graphic design website that allows even novice designers and marketers to easily create beautiful and unique graphics for their blogs, businesses and personal use.You can literally design just about anything in Canva! From Facebook Covers, Pins and Instagram posts to resumes, ebooks and brand logos!

The best part is that Canva is free. But! There are huge benefits to upgrading to a Canva Pro account. Including access to a tonne of great Pro images, the ability to create multiple folders, the use of a brand kit (see image ➡️ ) to make designing mega easy (MEGA EASY) and the latest feature, the Canva Content Scheduler and planner.

What is the Canva Content Planner and Scheduler?

A lot of people are asking lately “Can you schedule posts in Canva?” and the answer now, is YES! yes you can!

The Canva Content Planner is a new feature on Canva… it’s under the Canva Pro, Canva Enterprise, and Canva NonProfits plans.

You can literally post your new image to your social network directly from Canva. The social networks it currently supports seem to be:

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn Page
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Slack 
  • Tumblr

No Instagram yet folks! But word on the street is that this is coming. 

For now, it appears that you can only schedule static designs to post on socials, I tried video Pins and they appeared as static images in the feed. 

Having been in tech for a number of years I’m pretty confident that this is just an early iteration and that we will see much more functionality roll out pretty fast!

Canva generally rolls out updates at super speed. So bear with! 

Canva content planner and calendar

How to use the Canva Content Planner and Scheduler

First up, the content planner and scheduler is available for Pro, Enterprise and nonprofit users only. But, you can easily sign up for a free one month trial to try it out.

And I highly recommend you do this! I’ve now been using it for a good few months now and it just keeps getting better.

There are two ways you can create a content calendar in Canva.

The first is by accessing the Content Planner on the right hand sidebar of your Canva Dash. The second is by pinning directly from your Pin design page. See the tutorials below for each method.

  1. One the right hand sidebar on your Canva Dashboard you’ll see Content Planner
CANVA content planner
  1. Click this to bring you to the scheduler.
  1. Click the little + sign in the appropriate date square.
  1. Choose whether to create a new design or add an existing one. Here I’ve clicked choose a design. This will show you either recent, or all designs… super handy.
Choose a design in the Canva content planner

5. Click the design you want to schedule.

6. If you have not connected your social accounts yet, you’ll get a screen like this below. Where you can head on through and connect the social accounts you want to publish to.

How to connect your social accounts on Canva

7. Once you click a social network you’ll be asked to connect to that account.

Check it’s the correct profile (head in and switch it if its not!) … it takes literally seconds to do this… you’ll then come back to your scheduling screen again.

(PS: Canva technology is super slick! no waiting around or glitches on certain browsers!)

add social account to Canva

8. Choose your board that you’d like to Pin to (if you’re scheduling to Pinterest).

How to Pin directly to Pinterest with Canva

9. Fill out all your posts details, including a great SEO friendly description, post title and blog or website URL.

Pin details on Canva

10. Change the date and time to your preferred option. The date option at the top will automatically show you an hour in advance of your current time.

Choose Change date and time to change this. 

Change date and time on Canva scheduler

11. Click Schedule Post! Voila! Your post is now scheduled!

To see your scheduled post head back to the main Content Planner page on Canva. Your scheduled posts will be visible on your content calendar.

You can change the details on any of your scheduled posts by clicking on the post in the calendar square. Then, clicking the 3 dots on the top right of the post.

You can delete, edit and copy the post here.

Canva content calendar

Pros of Canva Content Planner

  • One less tool you need to use if you switch
  • Saves you a bunch of time
  • Saves you space on your device by not having to first download imagery 
  • Streamlines your workflow with less steps in the process of design to posting… you cut out the downloading… and then you cut out uploading to the platform.
  • Canva is a Pinterest Partner, so legit in the eyes of Pinterest
  • Canva has been around for AGES, so I’d say probably have a good standing with Pinterest
  • Saves you money. It’s free with your Pro plan. And the Pro plan is already pretty reasonably priced.
  • As a social media scheduler and design platform in one… you don’t have to have more than one tool!
  • Allows you to create a kickass content calendar, easily, and in less time

Cons of Canva Content Planner 

  • So far, it only seems to allow me to post static images to networks. My Pinterest video pins did not work as videos, they were posted as images only
  • It doesn’t allow you to bulk schedule to multiple boards on Pinterest
  • I have not seen anywhere that you can link to your URL, unless I’m seriously missing something here. This is a biggy for bloggers and small business owners who generally want to link back to social posts for traffic and sales. I imagine this is coming. Shall update you on this one! 
  • UPDATE! They now allow URLs on scheduled posts! yippee! so good
  • No Instagram as yet, but they are promising this is soon
  • You do not appear to be able to schedule Pins to secret boards

Tips for using Canva Content Planner

Organise your folders! 

One of the options when you click all in the choose a design step of the process is to choose from a specific folder. Go to town here!

Make sure your folders are clearly organised and even think about doing them by week or month for a smoother process.

I currently have Canva folders for:

  • Freebies
  • Instagram designs
  • My Templates
  • My courses
  • Pinterest board covers

Instagram is coming to the Canva Content Scheduler

Does the Canva content planner post to Instagram?

No, no Instagram on the Canva content planner and scheduler as yet.

But, if you click the Social Media option under create a design you will be presented with the option to design an image that is 1080×1080…. This is Instagram sizing….

So, I assume they are not far away from adding Instagram for you! I’ll definitely keep you posted on this one. I’m hoping it won’t be far away!

Is Instagram on Canva content planner

Schedule direct from your Pin design page 

You can also access the scheduler on any pin design editing page from the top right hand drop down under “Schedule”.

Here you’ll also be able to choose a time and date and add in a title, description and URL before scheduling direct from the design editing page.

You will get the option here to Publish now…. or Schedule to publish later. If you click to publish later, the time will automatically schedule your post for one hour from your current time.

Adjust as required to change the date and time.

Publish Pin direct from Canva design

Schedule your Canva designs direct to Facebook Groups

It’s pretty cool that you can now also schedule your Canva designs direct to your Facebook Groups. And not just the ones you manage! You can schedule any of your designs to any of your Facebook Groups.

This is particularly handy if you run a group and do daily share threads!

You’ll have to add the app to Facebook to allow you to publish direct from Canva.

  1. First up, choose Facebook Group as your choice of how you would like to publish.
How to schedule to Facebook Groups in Canva content planner and scheduler

2. Click Choose another group

Choose Facebook Groups in Canva calendar

3. Begin typing in the group you want to post to, then select your Group.

Find Facebook Groups in Canva content planner

4. Connect the app to Facebook.

Add Canva scheduler to Facebook apps

5. Go to Settings, scroll down to Advanced Settings

Add Canva to facebook apps

6. Search for Canva and click ADD. Return to Canva and click Add app to Facebook. Done! You can now add designs direct from Canva to your Facebook Groups.

REALLY handy if you manage a group and want to add recurring share thread posts- like the example below.

Facebook Group graphic design

Wrap up

Hmmm so, I am loving this new feature from Canva … actually loving it a lota few wee hiccups here for me just yet, the biggest being the inability to add in a URL… but someone please tell me if I am totally missing this somewhere??? This is going to be a big decider for bloggers – not being able to link back to a URl is a massive con for now.

Update: URL feature now updated. That was super quick! Tried and tested and works fabulously. Thanks Canva! I’ve also contacted them about the following feature requests!

So, I’ll keep you in the loop when they respond or update the features!

  1. Ability to add a Pin to multiple boards at once
  2. Addition of intervals for scheduling to multiple boards
  3. Ability to schedule Video Pins to Pinterest

Although I am confident that this new feature will be rapidly updated as time goes on.

In true Canva style, I’m sure this will be a winner! And am excited to see where they take this.

I’ll update this post as more comes to hand. 

Conclusion?… I’m watching and waiting … I need the ability to add a URL and given Pinterest’s new algorithm changes I also need the ability to add video pins… and schedule to multiple boards with intervals. So, I’ll watch and wait! 

Let me know if you’ve tried it and what you think in the comments! 

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24 thoughts on “Canva Content Planner and Scheduler 2021”

  • This looks really interesting! I have been using Canva for quite a few years as well now, and I love it! Might want to check this feature out…

  • I love canva so will be looking at these recommendations, thanks for so many in depth points of reference, will be reading your guided blog post again, awesome!

    • You’re so welcome.. I’m a huge anva fan girl! I don’t say that about many products.. .but having been in the tech industry for a long time I know a great product when I see one!

  • Great review! It would be nice to schedule more than one social media at one time. Do you know if this is possible? I presently use Tailwind to schedule Pinterest. More improvements will have to be made to switch to Canva for this. What’s your view on this?

    • Not yet! But I’ve been pretty vocal on which features I would like next with Canva! ha ha ha … I’ll most likely switch to Canva scheduling only from Tailwind once they get that and also the ability to schedule video pins.

  • Love this! But am I right that you can’t save drafts? You have to schedule everything to be able to save it? A “save draft” feature would be great for when you need input/approval from colleagues.

  • Such an informative post! I wasn’t aware of the Canva Content Planner which seems so helpful when trying to plan content in advance 👌🏽
    Thank you for sharing!

  • I was just about to sign up with Later the other day when I logged into Canva to grab an image I’d created for IG. Then I saw the pop up about the comment planner and about died. I had deleted my tailwind account when I realized it was ‘pay PER platform’ and felt discouraged, so this made me so happy!
    Like you, I came wait to see where this leads.

    • Yes! I’m in NZ so Tailwind is pretty expensive once you work it out in NZD. If I could use Canva for both I’d be over the moon! I love Canva too. Such a cool founder, Melanie Perkins. I love what she’s built and continues to build. If they could only now allow video pins… and sort a an interval scheduler for bulk boards I’d be a very happy woman. Plus would be cool to get a different view of the scheduled posts… like you have on Tailwind. Canva is definitely in the game!

  • question. I use CoSchedule atm for social sharing of blog posts and stand alone social posts. Can you view analytics in canva? I’m not sure this would be a huge lose to me and if I could cut out coschedule which I don’t think would be a huge loss to me, it could save me some funds!

  • I just noticed a couple of days ago that this new feature has arrived in Canva. Reading your review of this new Canva feature made me curious to try it out. But I might wait a month or two, so they can fix their content scheduler to be even better. I think this was a wise move from Canva and I just wish they will keep the monthly price as affordable as it is now.

  • Thank you for this review! Exactly what I wanted to know before trying this content planner myself. I’ll definitely give it a try since I stopped using Tailwind and scheduling everything manually now. X

  • This is great! I just started using Tailwind, but it’s great to know that there is an option right in Canva. Thanks for the helpful information!

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