How to promote your blog posts in 2023

How to promote your blog posts in 2023

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How to promote your blog posts in 2023 – 5 must do steps to take as soon as you hit publish!

I could write a thesis on how to promote your blog posts, there’s so many things to talk about and so much you can do to reach your perfect audience.

But for today I’m going to focus on one aspect and that is basic D&A, or distribution and amplification. A set of  repeatable and standard actions you take as a matter of course on every single blog post that gets published to your blog.

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It’s fun to experiment with promotion of your blog content. And there’s a myriad of tips and tricks that work and work well! … for me, it’s the simple things that drive consistency that are most important.

I have a system that I run with each new blog post. I’ll walk you through that in this post.

How to promote your lifestyle blog - 5 creative steps

The basic components of a great D&A system are:

  • Assets
  • Networks
  • Automated strategies
  • Communities
  • Social networks 

1. Assets

Every single post that is produced needs a couple of basic things. The first is a great cover image that fits both your brand and your content.

The second is a set of graphics that provide support for your social sharing efforts. 

I like to produce 9 Pins initially for each blog post. I create 4 pins that sit on the blog itself. One in line in the article and then another 3 that sit at the footer of the article with a PIN ME CTA (call to action). 

I usually add my most effective Pin to the content itself so it’s in line with the content. 

I then create another 5 Pins that have synonym keyphrases or optimised keyphrases on them. 

I use fresh images for every single Pin. I never reuse the same image again once I’ve used it in one pin. 

I end up with 4 Pin assets on a blog page – all of which get pinned directly from my blog to Pinterest to my top 4 relevant boards, staggered. Pin 1 goes to top board A, Pin 2 to top board B etc. I also space these out using the Pinterest scheduler, so they are not going out consecutively. I then schedule these 4 Pins using Tailwind to go out at intervals of no less than 10 days to my other relevant boards. 

The other 5 Pins get scheduled in Tailwind directly in intervals to top relevant boards. 

I also create 2 Instagram graphics in Canva that I schedule to go out via Buffer. 

2. Networks

There are a number of different platforms and networks where I manually share my content as a matter of course. ScoopIt, Mix and Blog Post VoteUP are three that are part of my workflow.

These sites act as curated aggregators or communities where people go to find great content that is pertinent to their interests. You can manually add your newest work to each of these sites as part of your methodology. 

Scoopit had a maximum of 50 posts on its free plan, but the others are unlimited. 

You can find out more about these great networks here 7 sites you should be sharing your blog content to. 

3. Automated Strategies

Along with manually sharing my content to a couple of networks I also have my site listed with other aggregators and directories that assign my content automatically. BlogLovin’ is one of these, where you set up your profile and add your blog to be automatically updated each time a new post is added. 


I have also submitted my blog to various directory sites like Blogarama and Blog Top Sites. 

4. Communities

There’s a few avenues here that I use to get distribution and amplification of my content.

I am a member of a number of highly active and generous Facebook Groups that are a massive support to me personally and my business. 

Groups can offer a generous boost to your discoverability. But be mindful of which ones you join and what activities you participate in.

I aim to be a part of only groups where I have an affinity with the group owner. We share the same passion or the same ethos of sharing and community. 

I participate only in threads that I am comfortable with. I dont do all follow or all share or all comment posts. These can appear spammy and disingenuous and often people will unfollow you or post a spammy comment on your post. 

I much prefer threads and groups where you are encouraged to help other bloggers by sharing or commenting on posts that are genuinely in your niche and are genuinely interesting to you. There’s zero point in me commenting on a post that is so far outside my niche. 

Ditto, getting comments from people on blog posts that are way outside their wheelhouse. 

  • Aim for a genuine connection in these groups. 
  • Aim for an authentic reciprocation of interest
  • Aim for quality over quantity

I also started my own group as a means to support my community. It’s small for now, but growing nicely and organically. Join here! 

I tend to post my most relevant and latest work to these groups as threads arise that make sense. This way I’m doing two things. 1 adding value to the group… and 2. Ensuring a higher likelihood that my activity will be fruitful.

The other community network I’ll talk about is Tailwind Communities (formerly Tailwind Tribes). 

Once my blog post has been live for a week I’ll aim to prompt my top 3 Pins per post to my top three, most relevant Tailwind Communities. I follow the principle of never posting the same pin to all Communities, as most tribe members will be a member of other relevant boards and I want to add value, not be spammy.

One of my favourite Tailwind Communities is the Bloggers and Creative Infopreneurs Community… you can check out this Community and join here.

Tip: You can actually use Tailwind Communities completely free!

I post my best Pin per blog post to my best and most relevant tribe – Pin A goes to Tribe 1. Then my next best Pin to my next best Tribe – Pin B to Tribe 2, and then my 3rd Pin to Tribe 3.

I wait a week to post pins to Tailwind Communities as this way they have had a chance to gain traction hopefully on Pinterest and will appear on the ribe as having engagement, thus increasing the likelihood that other tribe members might reshare my content.

Tip: You can see Pin engagement in Tailwind Communities by looking at the little blue flame in the top right hand corner of the Pin. 

Pin engagement

I’ll run all my Pins to Communities, then make sure I’ve reciprocated in the groups I need to buy sharing high quality on niche pins from other people to my most relevant boards. 

Also check out:

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5. Social Networks

I’ll initially post 2 pieces per new blog post to Facebook. One with a short lead in and the URL and one with a short lead in and my top Pin as an image (also with link to post).

I post 2 pieces to Instagram per blog post, using the same descriptions as Facebook, but on Insta I’ll add a good handful of hashtags as well. Both Facebook and Instagram are set up to be scheduled using Buffer.

I’ll manually post once per blog post to LinkedIn using a lead in, hashtags and the URL and associated image. LinkedIn is fast becoming the platform of choice. Surpassing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for organic reach! Definitely try this one out. Grab my tips for using LinkedIn for your personal brand here.

If approps, I’ll also post to Twitter, although I’m not a huge user of Twitter for blog D&A. 

Honorary mention

Email newsletters. I’m in the process of building out my email subscription list using ConvertKit. Email is a pretty powerful D&A strategy to get traffic to your blog, if done correctly.

You don’t want to be spammy. You want to provide real value and you want to make sure your subs list is high quality and exceptionally relevant to your niche to get engagement. 

how to get traffic to your blog - the ultimate guide

Final thoughts

The main thing to remember when promoting your blog posts is this. Do the activities that bring you the most results. Keep track of where your traffic is coming from using Google Analytics and analyse what’s working for you, then repeat!

Don’t spread yourself too thin, aim to do those things that are productive and easy, but bring you the most bang for your buck. Learning how to promote your blog posts in 2020 can be super easy when you have a set of simple tools and steps at your disposal!

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